Oswalt's roommate tells court she helped him dispose of victim's body

Ashlynd Huffman/ Stillwater News Press Earl Oswalt Jr., can be seen in the courtroom for the third day of jis trial.

Earl Oswalt Jr. appeared in court for the third day of his trial Thursday morning at the Payne County Courthouse.

Oswalt is on trial for potential second-degree murder charges in the death of Chelsey Chaffin. Police believe Oswalt killed Chaffin and disposed of her body in May 2019.

Assistant District Attorney Debra Vincent called the sixth witness in the trial – Billie Barzee, the girlfriend former housemate of Oswalt.

Vincent first determined Barzee’s competency due to her having some developmental problems. Once competency was determined, Barzee was questioned by Vincent.

Barzee told the court she met Oswalt at church and soon moved in with him. She said Oswalt and Chaffin were up drinking and playing cards Saturday, May 25.

Barzee said she went to bed and was awakened by a light being turned on, and Chaffin holding a broken beer bottle close to her neck. She told the court Chaffin told her to leave, so she did. When Barzee left, Chaffin was fully clothed. This was around 4 a.m. or 4:30 a.m. Sunday May 26.

Between 7 a.m., and 7:30 a.m. Oswalt picked Barzee up from where she had stayed. Barzee and Oswalt went back to the trailer, and she described it as being different than usual. She said there were broken items in the house and a hole with blood punched in the kitchen.

Vincent asked Barzee where Chaffin was.

“She was inside the hallway,” Barzee said.

Vincent asked if Chaffin had clothes on when she saw her.

“She didn’t have no clothes on,” Barzee told everyone in the courtroom.

Barzee told the court Chaffin had handprints on her neck and she looked like she was asleep.

Some time on May 26, Barzee said she was asked to get a tub from the kitchen and fill it with water, as Oswalt poured bleach in. Chaffin’s body was cleaned by Oswalt, and then placed into a blanket, before being placed into Oswalt’s truck.

Barzee said Oswalt then went to sleep, and she was tasked with waking him up. She said Oswalt drove to the Cimarron River and then they dumped Chaffin into the river, without the blanket. The blanket was eventually given to the police to further their investigation.

Jarrod Stevenson, Oswalt’s lawyer, cross examined Barzee.

Stevenson asked Barzee how she felt when Oswalt and Chaffin were being intimate. He asked her if she was angry at Oswalt and Chaffin.

She repeatedly told him she wasn’t angry, but she was sad.

Stevenson asked Barzee if she was the one who killed Chaffin.

She said no.

The seventh witness was called by Assistant District Attorney Kevin Etherington.

Brandi Wilkerson was another woman who believed she was in a relationship with Oswalt.

Wilkerson testified that Oswalt told her Barzee was just a roommate. When he showed up at her house May 26, she testified that Oswalt was intoxicated and smelled like alcohol. Wilkerson said in court that Oswalt told her he had been jumped and that was how he had been injured.

She went to the hospital with Oswalt on May 26, and he later stayed at her house due to being on pain medication, before he returned home to Barzee.

Stevenson cross examined Wilkerson and alleged she didn’t know how Oswalt got his injuries. He also alleged that since Wilkerson was not with Oswalt, she didn’t know for sure if Oswalt was intoxicated.

Lynda Stevens, a Special Agent with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations was the next witness called.

She was requested to assist Payne County Investigator Rockford Brown.

Stevens testified that she arrived at Oswalt’s residence and Barzee answered. She said Barzee was trembling all over and “could barely stand.”

That same day Barzee took authorities to the Cimarron River. Stevens said it was the bridge on Highway 108 north of Ripley. She has visited the river several times since the investigation began. She testified she went back a few weeks ago.

She said the river looked the same, other than the water had receded tremendously.

Despite all the effort from multiple agencies, Chaffin has not been recovered.

There has also been video surveillance obtained regarding a convenience store that showed Oswalt’s vehicle driving southbound at first at 10:08 p.m. and at 10:31 p.m. the vehicle goes northbound.

Stevenson started part of his cross examination.

He talked to Stevens about the search warrant executed at Oswalt’s residence. Stevenson also brought up the photos taken at the bridge overlooking the Cimarron River.

Court will continue at 9 a.m. Friday to continue with the cross examination of Stevens.

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