After moving from Tampa, Fla., in 2006, a Stillwater man fills his time volunteering at Stillwater Medical Center.

William Homerding, who describes himself as “older than dirt,” said he moved to Stillwater in 2006 to be close to his daughter, Randi Helton. He spends his time volunteering at the hospital and golfing at The Links.

He retired from a management position at a retail firm in 1984 and lost his wife, Elaine, in 1999. He said in 2006 he finally realized it was time to relocate.

“I live out at The Links,” he said. “Which, I live out on the golf course, therefore I golf everyday.”

He said he enjoys his time spent at the hospital because he doesn’t just sit at a desk and tell people where to go. He is an escort for patients and helps deliver cards and flowers to the patients.

“I like when the new mothers and little babies are being discharged,” he said. “I like going and getting them and taking them to their car. I enjoy that probably best of anything here. They’re just so young and so tiny and so cute and all that kind of stuff. I sort of enjoy that.”

During his interview for the volunteer position, he said, he told the woman conducting it that he did not want to sit around all day. She decided the best place for him would be in escort where he would get to know all areas of the hospital.

He also has a service dog, Sammie, and she is certified to visit medical facilities. He said he and Sammie are not as active as they were in Florida, but they get to visit senior living areas and nursing homes. In Florida he spent a lot of time at the Shriners Hospital letting the kids play with Sammie.

When he has time to get away, Homerding likes to travel. He said he goes to Illinois once every two months to visit his 100-year-old mother and takes his service dog to visit the other residents at his mother’s nursing home.

He said he has no regrets in his life and is glad he moved to Stillwater because he enjoys the friendly atmosphere and the OSU women’s basketball games.

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