Payne County Sheriff's Office IDs man found in woods

The skeletal remains found in a wooded area south of 19th Avenue last April have been identified as Timmy Allen Williamson. Photo courtesy of Payne County Sheriff's Office

The Payne County Sheriff’s Office has released the name of a man whose body was found April 16 just outside the Stillwater city limits.

Some people hunting morel mushrooms in a wooded area south of 19th Avenue near Countryside Mobile Home Park stumbled across a set of skeletal remains that have been identified as Timmy Allen Williamson, age 57.

Williamson had previously given the Payne County Sheriff’s Office a Cushing address, but Sheriff’s Investigator Rockford Brown said he usually moved around the Stillwater area.

He went by the nickname “Blue” and was known to ride a yellow tricycle around town.

Camping supplies were found in the same area and there were no signs of foul play, Brown said. Based on its condition and the amount of vegetation growing around it, Williamson’s body appeared to have been there through the winter.

Investigators at first thought the skeleton was slight enough to belong to a woman. But items found near the body included a distinctive belt buckle that pointed to Williamson, a man Sheriff’s deputies were familiar with.

Investigators interviewed Williamson’s friends to determine when he was last seen.

His girlfriend said she had last seen him in December 2018. When she got out of jail in January, she looked for him in his usual spots but couldn’t find him.

She said she assumed he had simply moved on.

They also interviewed staff at the Mission of Hope homeless shelter. They said Williamson didn’t stay there but would periodically stop in for supplies.

They also hadn’t seen him in several months.

Williamson’s body was found on private land in a spot where homeless people are known to have stayed without the owners’ knowledge or permission. The Sheriff’s Office at one time helped the owners clear the campers out. They have since tried to keep people from accessing the area, Brown said.

Weather data from December 2018 shows that Stillwater had at least 18 days when temperatures dipped to near or below freezing, at least at night.

The remains were sent to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in April for positive identification, Brown said. DNA samples were collected from Williamson’s relatives for comparison.

The Payne County Sheriff’s Office still has not received the results of that DNA comparison but the evidence supports the conclusion that it was Williamson.

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