Eight presenters will produce eight visual presentations during the Volume 5 of Pecha Kucha Night in Stillwater.

The artists show 20 images. Each image is presented for 20 seconds. Pecha Kucha Night is 7-9 p.m. Tuesday at Modella Art Gallery, 721 S. Main.

“In our fifth edition, eight passionate presenters from Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma are going to share their passion,” Shoko Robinson said. “If you like art, creativity, and our community, you are in! Come to enjoy inspiring presentations along with pizza and beverages.”

The presenters are Clark Bockhahn, Betsy Bower, Eric Cameron, Michelle Charles, Logan Filkins, Fernando Pires, Jessica Teckemeyer and someone from Prairie Wolf Distillery.


Clark Bockhahn - Landscape Architect at Nudge Design

Austin, Texas

Clark Bockhahn is always curious. He's one part architect, one part tinkerer, and one part naturalist. Combining these traits, Clark practices landscape architecture and urban design in Austin, Texas where he collaborates on large scale commercial and civic projects with diverse teams of consultants. His goal is to build nature back into cities. And his favorite thing is looking out the window, playing a very loud guitar, wondering what is out there, and imagining what it might be.


Betsy Bower - Artist at Inferno Metalworks

Denver, Colorado

Betsy Bower is a sculptress-welder by day and an aerialist by night. She builds functional and nonfunctional ornamental ironworks, and she occasionally teaches these skills to others. She helped found Casper Pride Weekend, and also helped organize events with Out in Wyoming. Betsy is an enthusiastic citizen of Black Rock City and a proponent of the Burning Man principles. Her dream is to take her own sculptures to Burning Man events. She recently moved to Denver to continue her artistic journey and be around a much larger creative and inclusive community.



Eric Cameron - Artist


Eric Cameron is an artist who currently lives in Stillwater Ok. He works with all forms of media both 2D and 3D. Although he loves and creates “traditional” art pieces. For the last 25 years his main focus has been automotive. Custom painting cars, motorcycles, boats, and even a few airplanes. His metal sculptures seat 2-5 people and go 100 plus mph. He is inspired by his wife and soulmate Connie. His favorite artist is the creator of the universe He has won several awards for his work nation wide beginning in 1984 at age 8.


Michelle Charles - City Editor at Stillwater News Press


Michelle Charles is an award-winning community journalist.

She believes in the value of connection and respecting the basic humanity of each person. Although her beats focus on things like government, politics and business, she loves a good human interest or (literal) shaggy dog story.

Working for a community newspaper gives her the opportunity to meet and make connections with a wide variety of people, which is one of the things she likes most about what she does.

She is fascinated by the things people do and why they do them.

She loves telling stories and showing people things they might not have otherwise noticed.

She likes big ideas, dumb jokes and good beer.


Logan Filkins - Designer and Fablicator at Basik,

Oklahoma City



Fernando Pires - Electrical Engineer IV at Stillwater Designs (KICKER)


Fernando Pires, born and raised in São Paulo - Brazil, is a 32 years old entrepreneur, engineer and musician with remarkable ability to learn and execute pretty much anything - from fitness and nutrition to complex electronics and computer coding. Thanks to his creative efforts, work ethics and strong problem-solving ability, he has created a total of 5 patents, founded 2 companies and currently works as a leading electrical engineer IV at Stillwater Designs (KICKER).

Self-educated, Fernando has been incessantly learning about electronics since he was as little as 4 years old. Watching TV was not fun for him unless he knew what was going on behind the screen and how the circuits worked inside of it! Fernando was particularly interested in the kind of electronics related to music, such as speakers, sound effects, amplifiers, etc. As a result, by the age of 21, Fernando had single-handedly created, manufactured and sold a variety of audio electronics, but most notably the StudioMotion! - a portable amplifier and mixer with sound effects and the quality to rival long established brands such as Peavey and Fender.

Despite not having a college degree, Fernando has an unusual thirst for knowledge. In addition to his innate electrical engineering abilities, he learned multiple programming languages and is able code almost anything; from a chip in a turnstile all the way to creating full blown apps for your iPhone. Consequently, as Fernando’s first assignment on his new job at Stillwater Designs, he created the Kicker KEY amplifier that “unlocks amazing sound” in your car by using Fernando’s unique sound improvement algorithm. The result was so amazing that at SEMA 2018 it came out on top, winning Global Media and Best New Mobile Electronics Product awards.


Prairie Wolf Distillery

Guthrie, Oklahoma



Jessica Teckemeyer - Sculptor & Professor at Oklahoma State University


Jessica Teckemeyer creates mixed-media animal sculptures to explore the multiplicity in human nature. Her highly finished artworks feature dramatic, glossy human eyes to clue viewers to the introspective nature of her ideation. Some sculptures utilize hidden technology to create unexpected encounters. Her research interests include psychology, mythology, and contemporary monster theory, which result in concepts that reveal the collective unconscious. She is fascinated by the complexities of human experience.

Teckemeyer’s sculptures have been featured in eleven solo exhibitions and shown in more than fifty-five group exhibits. Her most recent solo exhibitions include “Transfigurations” at MidCoast Gallery, Davenport, IA; “Recent Work” at Lock Haven Gallery, Lock Haven, PA; “Sinners and Saints” at Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH; “Whispers” at Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA; and “Iowa Artist 2015: Jessica Teckemeyer” at the Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, IA. Viewers in many cities have experienced the work, including Monaco, France; Montevideo, Uruguay; New York, NY; South Orange, NJ; Santa Ana, CA; Baltimore, MD; Chicago, IL; Tallahassee, FL; Cincinnati, OH; Indianapolis, IN; Denton, TX; Minneapolis, MN; Milwaukee, WI; and Des Moines, IA. She has received numerous accolades including “Best in 3D” from the “Art of the Heartland” exhibit at the Indianapolis Art Center, an award at the “Select” exhibition at the Sioux City Art Center in Iowa, “Best in Show” for the “Social & Politically Engaged Art” at the Reece Museum in Tennessee, and “Second Prize” at the “Tallahassee International” hosted at the Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts.

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