Perkins Police Department officers obtained a search warrant for Tyler Dean Boyce on June 4 after observing several instances of behavior consistent with drug sales and use around a Perkins residence. According to a written affidavit, officers had known the residence to be a place where drugs were stored, kept and sold. The officer also knew Boyce would allow people to come to his home and use drugs.

Multiple suspects had been around Boyce, with some admitting to using drugs with him. One suspect admitted to buying $20 in meth from Boyce, and Boyce had been arrested in May on a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, who told officers during the investigation that he had been at Boyce’s waiting for a delivery of marijuana. The officer writes that while on patrol he had noticed several different vehicles during all hours of the day, leading him to continue to investigate Boyce for using his residence as a place to sell and use drugs.

The officer writes that after applying for the warrant, it was executed as a “no knock” warrant on June 5, which helps minimize the chance of evidence being hidden or destroyed. Six officers took part in the search of the home, with one using a ram to force the door open. Police found Boyce, a woman and a juvenile in one of the bedrooms. Boyce and the woman were placed in investigative detention and the juvenile was taken out of the residence for safety reasons.

The officer writes he went outside to speak with the juvenile, who told officers she had smoke marijuana with her mother and Boyce in the residence. A call to DHS was placed, but did not respond and recommended the juvenile be placed in the care of her grandmother.

According to the affidavit, the initial search began in Boyce’s room, and officers found cigarette boxes that had glass smoking pipes in them, a baggie of pills and a baggie with meth residue. Field tests were positive for methamphetamine and Boyce was arrested for the items in his room. Boyce was then transported to jail.

The officer then had the woman who had been in the residence speak with him, and said she had been in the house since the day before. She initially denied letting her daughter smoke marijuana with her and Boyce, but the officer told the woman the juvenile had admitted to smoking marijuana with the pair, and the woman said she only allowed her daughter to smoke it for medicinal reasons.

With the residence having a history of narcotics being hidden there, assistance from Stillwater Police Department was requested, and two officers with a K9 went through the house.

In one bedroom a backpack with the woman’s name on it was found, and next to the backpack some handkerchiefs were found with a black box inside that contained items the officer believed to be a meth kit. The officer asked the woman about the box, which she denied was hers and that she had moved it while helping Boyce clean the house and had not thrown it away yet. The officer told the woman she was under arrest for possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and child endangerment.

The affidavit states officers continued to search the residence and seized the following: a smoking device with a skull containing burned marijuana residue, .7 grams of a green leafy substance, spoon, a cigarette box with a glass smoking device with residue, six clear small baggies, a yellow baggie with a white pill identified as hydrocodone, a clear baggie with residue, a spoon with residue and a cotton swab which tested for meth, a black case containing a syringe, spoon, straw, clear baggies which also tested positive for meth and three while pills that are unidentified as of the writing of the affidavit.

Boyce was charged on June 6 with a charge of maintaining a house where drugs are kept, one count of unlawful possession of a controlled drug and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

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