Perkins police officer recovers stolen Stillwater vehicle

Mugshot of Esther Dawn Wilson. 

While on duty, Perkins police officer Billy Laster stumbled across a stolen vehicle that had a BOLO request. 

Esther Dawn Wilson was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, driving under suspended license and possession a controlled dangerous substance.

On Jan. 30, Laster saw a BOLO entry in Payne County for an orange Chevrolet El Camino with a Missouri license plate.

According to the affidavit, Laster was patrolling west on W Knipe Ave., and stopped at the intersection at south Perkins Road.

Another vehicle was stopped in the southbound lane, which struck Laster as odd because there wasn’t a stop sign. The suspicious vehicle turned east, passing Laster. He noticed it to be orange in color and it didn’t have an Oklahoma license plate.

Laster hit a U-turn and got behind the questionable vehicle. The vehicle then turned in at a private residence.

Officer Laster radioed dispatch that he had found the stolen vehicle. He then conducted a felony traffic stop. Laster drew his weapon and approached the stolen vehicle, ordering both occupants to put their hands in the air.

According to the affidavit, Laster kept the two occupants at gunpoint until backup arrived. Sgt. Kyle Howard arrived on scene to assist Laster.

Laster told the driver to exit the vehicle, and she identified herself as Esther Dawn Wilson. Wilson was placed into investigative detention while her outer jacket was being checked for weapons. Wilson was placed into the transport area of Laster’s patrol car.

Laster went back to the stolen vehicle with his weapon drawn and ordered the passenger out of the vehicle. The passenger was identified as Joshua Don Redwine Cole. Howard placed Cole in investigative detention. Officer Laster obtained Wilson and Cole’s identifiers, he had dispatch check for any warrants and their license status.

According to the affidavit, Wilson had a flagged/suspended driver’s license and warrants through Payne County, Noble County and the City of Perkins. Wilson was placed under arrest.

Treasure Smith, an Iowa Tribe police officer, arrived on scene. Laster asked her to search Wilson for any weapons or contraband. Once Wilson was searched, she invoked her right to not be questioned.

Cole agreed to speak with officer Laster, and denied knowing the vehicle had been stolen. Cole said he only had a black backpack in the vehicle.

Laster notified the Stillwater Police Department to get in touch with the owner of the vehicle. The owner said he would be coming to the location to retrieve his vehicle.

While the vehicle was being searched, a blue Walmart bag with the name Patricia Adkins was found. Inside the bag there were hair curlers and smaller bags.

Inside the multi colored bag were three syringes and two small plastic containers. One container had white residue inside it. A field test was done on the residue and it tested positive for methamphetamine. The second container was a blue mini salt shaker with used pieces of cotton.

According to the affidavit, “I know users of methamphetamine use small pieces of cotton when using methamphetamine via syringes.”

The pink bag contained a metal smoking device with a burnt residue, along with some wires that are used for cleaning smoking devices. Laster also noted there was a partially burned glue stick in the pink bag.

Howard found a small spiral notebook that appeared to be a drug sales ledger.

The items found in the vehicle were placed into an evidence back in the rear of Laster’s patrol car.

Cole was released from the scene due to Laster believing he was a passenger and not involved in the alleged theft.

The owner of the vehicle knew Wilson by an alias and said that she was the suspect that stole his car.

According to the affidavit, the owner of the vehicle said Wilson and Cole were at the casino and wanted a ride to Perry. He then said his ex son-in-law used the car to pick them up. After going to a gas station to use the bathroom, Wilson allegedly took off in the vehicle, leaving the ex son-in-law behind.

The owner of the vehicle is pressing charges.

Laster informed Wilson she was under arrest and transported her to the Payne County Jail. Laster searched Wilson’s purse at the jail and found another burnt glue stick.

Laster took digital photographs, placed the syringes into a sharps container for destruction and packaged the remaining items. The three containers with methamphetamine were packaged separately and sent to OSBI for further testing.

Bond was set in the amount of $30,000.

Wilson pleaded not guilty to the charges and will have a preliminary hearing on March 2.

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