Police lights

According to court records, Jennifer Lea Domenico, 56, of Perkins, was charged Thursday with financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

A written affidavit reads that Perkins Police Department officers said a Department of Human Services worker working on behalf of a woman who lives at Brookdale Nursing Home, notified the department that Domenico had financially exploited the woman, who is Domenico’s mother.

The worker told officers in a written statement that Domenico had moved into the mother’s home uninvited. The mother was not aware of charges to her credit card, which the woman had only used to purchase a washing machine, and that Domenico did not have permission to use the card, according to the affidavit. The mother was also told of cash withdrawals from her bank account.

The woman told officers that Domenico had taken over paying the bills, and that Domenico would make out checks that she would get her mother to sign. The affidavit states that the mother told officers that Domenico has mental issues and is very controlling, and could be fine one minute and could go off the next. The woman told officers that Domenico never wanted anyone to come by the residence, and that this was potentially how Domenico tried to control the situation.

The affidavit also states that the woman said Domenico supplied all the groceries and paid the bills, and asked the Adult Protective Services worker to go easy on her daughter, because Domenico doesn’t mean to do the things she does and wouldn’t hurt her on purpose. The woman also told the APS worker that her son was her power of attorney, and that she didn’t have identification cards because Domenico had taken them.

The affidavit reads that the APS worker performed a mental status questionnaire and determined the woman was in the capacity to know what she is doing, what has been done and realizes she is in a long-term care facility.

The APS worker tried to contact Domenico, who said she didn’t know why APS was attacking her and referred them to an attorney. She also said she didn’t understand why Ponca City APS was investigating her mother, who lives in Stillwater, and that she was told by her brother that he would pay her to stay there and now he and APS were telling her to get out. The officer writes that Domenico said she had turned the situation over to Sen. James Lankford, due to the “harassment” from APS and Medicaid. Domenico didn’t go over any concerns over the phone with the APS worker, and was rude and demanding, the affidavit reads.

The woman had no access to her credit cards after going into the nursing home in January, and financial records from February 2018 through April 2019 show several unauthorized transactions from the woman’s account. The affidavit reads that the officer reviewed the documents, and determined Domenico had fraudulently used or obtained $5,504 from the woman’s checking account.

Domenico had used $1,911.46 from one credit card and $887.16 from another credit card. Domenico used $8,302.62 of the woman’s money. The affidavit reads that the woman’s son has power of attorney over the woman’s assets, and that the woman would sign a check under the thought that the money was going toward bills and not to be cashed out for Domenico’s personal use. The woman’s son said Domenico did not have permission to take the credit cards and use them.

Officers have tried to call Domenico by phone, and an officer has been tried to go to her residence but either she is not there or won’t answer the door, the affidavit reads.

A warrant of arrest was issued for Domenico on Tuesday, and no arrests have been made in this case.