Shawn Pittman – a person of interest after his parents were found dead Tuesday morning in Stroud – was taken into custody this evening by law enforcement.

Pittman, 39, is a former Ripley resident. His parents, Pauletta, 63, and Mark, 65, were found dead in their Stroud home around 9:30 this morning. According to the OSBI, the double homicide took place in the 500 block of West 10th Street in Stroud.

The Stroud Police Department sent information on the Pittmans' vehicle – a Toyota minivan – to law enforcement agencies and media. According to reports, Pittman was found in the minivan less than a mile from the scene earlier this evening.

According to an OSBI press release, a call was received that a mini-van matching the description was getting gas at a local station. Stroud PD pulled the van over and found Pittman driving it. He was taken into custody under suspicion of driving under the influence. 

Very little information has been released about the deaths. KFOR's Lil Zheng reported that Pittman lived with his parents, and the investigation began as a welfare check. 

 A coworker of Pauletta’s called Stroud police at approximately 9:30 this morning when Pauletta didn’t show up for work. Officers conducting a welfare check at the house discovered the couple. The Stroud Police Department requested the OSBI to assist with the investigation. 

A cause of death has not been released. According to OSBI, the crime scene unit is still processing the scene and the medical examiner's office has not made a determination.