Barto is a big, happy, loud, hound/lab mix. Barto was picked up as a stray running around town and no one came forward to claim him or take him home. All he wants is someone to love him and play with him. At only 2 years old, he’s past the crazy puppy stage but is firmly in the hyper 2 year old phase. 

He needs some one who understands that as a hound mix he has a lot of personality and a lot of energy and he needs an outlet for that energy whether it be trips to the dog park, biking, hiking, or jogging. Barto does good with other dogs but does tend to get in their face trying to get them to play so another playful dog would be great for him. He would also be fine being the only pup in the house and the only one getting all the love and treats. We aren’t sure how he would be with cats though so a slow introduction would be needed to make sure everyone stays safe. 

When he first got to the Humane Society it was obvious that he didn’t have much training but even in the almost month that he’s been with us he’s learned so much and will now sit for his food and is doing much better on leash. He is super smart and wants someone that can continue to teach him new tricks and manners. Barto hasn’t had many accidents in his kennel overnight so once he gets used to the schedule of a new home he would be great as a house pup. Barto is a handsome boy that has a beautiful glossy black coat but because of that many people just pass him by. 

Big, black dogs are notorious for not getting adopted in shelters and we hope that doesn’t happen to Barto because he is such a clown and a love bug and would make a great addition to an active, loving home. Barto is fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and current on his heartworm prevention so he goes to an approved home happy and healthy and ready to play. His adoption fee is $85.

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