This week’s pet is actually two happy, healthy, fun loving brothers named Bruce and Barney. 

Both boys have grown up and lived together their whole lives so we want them to be able to have a happy home together because they are extremely bonded. These guy’s previous owner passed away and the family surrendered them to us and they have been with us for several weeks. They aren’t puppies anymore so all that crazy energy is gone so they’d make a great addition to a family that is more laid back. Bruce is slightly younger at 5 years old and is the lighter colored of the two while Barney is 7 years old and is a bit darker in color. They both weigh around 55 pounds but use it all for loving people. When they first arrived the shelter was a pretty scary place for them but they have since come out of their shell a lot and are definitely favorites at the Humane Society. They both walk well on leash, and have not had a accident in their kennels except for once so they are potty trained once accustomed to a schedule. These guy’s have hilarious antics and you can’t have a bad day around them. Surely someone is looking to add two little loafs of adorableness into their lives. One toasty and one extra toasty. 

They are both neutered, vaccinated, up to date on heartworm prevention and microchipped. Because we want them to go together so badly we’re making these guys two for the price of one which means for $85 you can add two amazing handsome boys to your family! Stop by the Humane Society or call anytime we’re open to see these brothers and play with them. They’re really great dogs and deserve to be in a loving home.

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