This sweet young lady has been with us for a few months now and no one has seemed interested in adding her to their family. We at the Humane Society are not sure why because she is absolutely the cutest and silliest pup around. Carly only wants to play and cuddle with people and has so much love to give. When we picked her up she was running as a stray but her original owners were found! The sad thing is that they decided they didn’t want her so instead of bringing her home like she hoped, they surrendered her to us so we could find a home that will keep her safe and loved. Carly has lived with older kids but because she loves to play a lot and loves to play hard it’s probably best if she doesn’t go to a home with young kids that can get knocked over easily. Carly was never taught leash manners or how to play politely so she is a bit rough around the edges but she’s still young at only 2 years old so she is definitely teachable and has already learned a lot during her time with us. She absolutely loves playing with other dogs but she does play rough. Her best friend is George and while he was temporarily adopted she got to hang out with Andy. Now that George is back with us Carly is over the moon and so is George. They always have so much fun together because they both have that "rough and tumble" play style. Carly is also a fairly submissive girl and if she knows she’s disappointed you she will beg for forgiveness in the cutest way.

Carly is a medium sized girl at about 45 pounds and our best guess is that she’s a Boxer mixed with maybe some Staffordshire Terrier. She really is just a sweet young girl that wants a friend to run around with and have a good time. She isn’t perfect but no one is, she is however, incredibly smart and trainable and has tons of love and happiness to give. She has been spayed, vaccinated and is current on flea and heartworm prevention. She is just a happy healthy girl looking for fun. Carly is $85 to adopt and anyone is welcome to come by and see her at the Humane Society of Stillwater. You can even come see her and George play and hang out and cuddle and possibly fall in love with two great dogs!

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