If you went to Barktober Fest last week then you probably saw this handsome guy walking around but he has yet to find a forever home.

George is about 7 years old but doesn’t act his age one bit. We were told from his previous family that he is a border collie mixed with wolfhound so he has that beautiful border collie color but the wire coat of a wolfhound. This scruffy guy is great with every person he meets and has lived with kids 3 years and older so he loves the littles too! George’s original owner passed away and no one in their family wanted to keep this handsome boy so he ended up in the shelter. But he has lived inside for most of his life and has great manners. He has graduated from our Dogs of Lincoln program as well so he knows basic commands and can ever shake your hand!

George’s only downfall is that he doesn’t like to be alone. If he’s left outside by himself it’s been rumored that he can jump an 8 ft privacy fence without any problems at all so whoever takes him has to be sure to stay outside with him or keep him on leash. But having been in a happy home just to have it ripped suddenly away you can understand why he’s unwilling to be alone. He has been great with pretty much every dog he’s met and still loves to run around and play with a buddy. George has been adopted out twice now but has been returned both times due to no fault of his own. It just hasn’t been the perfect fit yet. Regardless, this big guy is a total sweetheart and is just waiting for the right family to find him and take him home and show him that love can happen twice in life. 

Just like all the Humane Society pups, George is vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped. He is a medium to large size guy at about 65 pounds and is healthy and ready to find happiness

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