Q5: Cimarron Breeze set for final shows of current season

The Cimarron Breeze Concert Series is set to close out its current season with its final two shows during the next two Fridays. Monica Taylor, who organizes the concerts and will be taking the stage on Friday night with The Cherokee Maidens & Sycamore Swing, answers questions about what people can expect. 

1. Can you describe the acts coming to Perkins on Friday?

Well, it’s gonna be my Western swing band –  The Cherokee Maidens & Sycamore Swing – we are are shining up our boots and warming up our yodels for a big night at The Old Church. There are myself (grew up in Perkins and have many years of Red Dirt songwriting and recording under my belt buckle), Robin Lynn Macy (Belle Plaine, Kansas, who founded The Dixie Chicks and was the band’s lead singer, guitar gal, and songwriter), and Sis White (of the popular Louisville, Kentucky, based bluegrass band, Storefront Congregation.). Our band is made up of Shelby Eicher on fiddle, Nathan Eicher on upright bass, Brandon Blackburn on drums, Steve Bagsby on steel guitar, and Kentucky White on guitar and band leader. These men are Western swing hall of famers and renown Swing, Jazz, or bluegrass musicians of the highest caliber. We will play songs from our three albums – all have been nominated for multiple American Academy of Western Artists awards. There will be a dance floor area in the back of the church, too!

2. With you set to also be on stage, what are you looking forward to most about taking the stage?

Yes, I host all of our Cimarron Breeze shows, but each of us Maidens share hosting of our shows. I love the energy that we have as a band! It’s a full-on show ... if your toes don’t tap and if you don’t find your lips curling up into a smile during the evening, you may not have a pulse. But seriously, we honor the great music of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys and all the other Western swing of the '30s thru the '60s, plus we have some award winning original Western swing and bluegrass flavored tunes that you will hear.

3. With the end of the season coming, how has this season been for Cimarron Breeze?

The season has been good – had two shows that were canceled or postponed due to illness or flooding in the area. However, the shows and the audiences have had great nights of professional performers and fabulous music. We have wonderful audience members that travel Texas, Kansas, and around Oklahoma to attend our monthly concerts. Thank you so much!

One important thing to note here is that the Cimarron Breeze concert series is going to take a ‘Breeze family vacation.’

Mainly for myself – I have some important recording projects that I need to focus all of my attentions on this fall into the winter. An album of my self-penned songs produced by myself, Travis Fite, Jared Tyler, and Jake Lynn. And a collection of great Red Dirt songs with many vocal duets with great red dirt/ Texas artists who got their boots muddy here in Payne County red dirt.

Winter release for the first CD, and springtime release for the second.

4. When does the next season start and what can people look forward to?

We will begin the next season in May 2020, with a couple of special shows in January and February to stave off the hungry Breeze fans.

5. Is there anything else you would like to add?

This Friday will also be a wonderful evening for my mother and father, Billie and Dr. Glenn ‘Cat’ Taylor. They are going to be celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary at the show and I want to invite all of the friends to attend!

Tickets for their friends will be $40 a couple and $20 for one. Just give me a call or mention this at the door and I’ll give you that rate. Regular Advance ticket prices are $30 or $25 for seniors, veterans, teachers, students; or $35 at the door.

Oh, and $5 from each ticket will going to the wonderful foster families at the Lions Meadows of Hope ranch that is south of the Cimarron River ... keep that in mind.

You can get tickets at Daddy O’s Music Store or Good Little Eater both in Stillwater, or online at www.cimarronbreeze.com, or give me a jingle at 405-612-3183.

– Tanner Holubar

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