Dana Ayers

The Stillwater High School Fall Choir Concert, "Oklahoma Rising!" will be 7 p.m. Tuesday at the SHS Performing Arts Center. The concert is free, family friendly and open to the public.

1. What is special about the upcoming fall concert?

This fall concert features music by, from and about Oklahoma! We are singing choral music from hometown favorites Dr. Brant Adams and Dr. Z. Randall Stroope, There's one selection by a former OSU graduate music student David Brewer who is now a published composer living in St. Louis. We are performing the popular "Sing!" by the Pentatonix (and we will connect those dots during the concert). And of course, the concert titled "Oklahoma Rising" by native sons Vince Gill and Jimmy Webb. And more!

2. What can the audience expect?

The Pioneer Chorale and Concert Choirs will be singing all of the music combined together which gets interesting at concert time because they rehearse during different hours. I know I've said it before, but we only have one combined staging rehearsal before we present our concerts to the public. It's amazing how flexible the students are and they love the wonderful sound they make when they can finally sing together. The audience is in for a lovely hour of vocal music. And, as always, it is a free, family-friendly event!

3. How has learning this music impacted the choirs?

Both choirs have really stretched themselves this first nine weeks. Not only were they working on the music for the fall concert, but they have also been working on music for the London International Choral Festival, selections from Mamma Mia, All State Honor Choir audition music and All State Jazz Choir audition music! All together, they have been working on 24 different selections. That's a lot of music in a short amount of time! They have really improved their reading and artistic skills rehearsing such a variety of music.

4. Will there be anything else "special" about the fall concert?

Well,we are preparing an individual concert for our trip to London over the winter break and will be using the theme of "Oklahoma Rising!" there. Twenty-five students and eleven chaperones will be traveling"across the pond" to London for the London International Choral Festival and New Year's Day Parade. We will spend eight days and seven nights exploring many amazing historical areas as well as performing in a solo concert for the New Year's Concert Series, handling one of the big balloon entries in the New Year's Day Parade, and performing in a huge grand finale gala concert with 250 other voices and the members of the London Youth Philharmonic.

5. What else can we anticipate from the SHS choirs?

Lots more dynamic choral music and, naturally, fundraisers to assist in the travel expenses to London! We will be selling Butter Braids soon and there will be Silent Auction featured at our winter concert on Dec. 17th. There is never a dull moment or any real "down time" when you sing with a choir! Honor choir auditions will take place in November, auditions for the musical are in January, OkMEA and OCDA honor choirs also perform in January, solo and ensemble contests will be in February and April, March will see some SMAC related activities, the musical is the very end of April/beginning of May, May is also a return to the Tri-State Music Festival and our final concert will take place May 19. It will continue to be a busy and wonderful year!

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