Q5: VFW Post 2027 set to host First Responders Appreciation Day

John Paine

Stillwater’s Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2027 will host a First Responders Appreciation Day on Saturday at the Elks Lodge Parking Lot from noon to 6 p.m. The VFW will be serving food and drink to all first responders and encourages everyone to come out and give thanks. This event is made possible by donations from the Stillwater Medical Center.

1. What is First Responders Appreciation Day?

It’s an opportunity for the community to come around and say thank you to those people that keep us happy and safe and take care of our community and our county.

2. What happens at First Responders Appreciation Day?

We will be at the Elks Parking lot, and we have static displays coming in from AirMed, the sheriff's office, OSU police department, Stillwater Police Department and Stillwater Fire Department. This is a good opportunity for people in the community to come by and say thank you. First responders and their families can drive in the area and have a free lunch. There will also be a snow cone stand out there.

3. How did this event start?

The VFW did this event last year and the year before, but it wasn’t on this large of a scale. It used to be at Gore Park, but we wanted to make it bigger and better. It’s just something the VFW does to give back to those guys and gals.

4. How can people help with this event?

Just come and say thank you to the first responders. Visit with them and tell them how much we appreciate them.

5. How can people find out more about this event?

We have had ads in the paper, and the VFW 2027 Facebook page has information on there as well. Also the fliers we have put out throughout the community. It’s just something our post is doing to give back to the community.

– Jet Turner