Poinsettias fly off shelves in first day of annual sale

Bruce Dunn, associate professor of Floriculture at Oklahoma State University, prepares poinsettia’s for sale Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017 during the 27th annual Poinsettia Sale on the Stillwater campus. (David Bitton/Stillwater News Press)

Dr. Bruce Dunn, Professor of Floriculture at Oklahoma State University, answers questions about the upcoming OSU poinsettia sale.

The sale usually generates around $10,000 annually. Roughly half the money goes toward paying for next year’s crop with the other half used for student scholarships and supporting the departmental teaching program. Dunn wants to thank the community for supporting the sale, “as it is a great learning experience for the students in terms of crop production and sales.”

1. With COVID-19, is there any changes to the plant sale this year?

The 30th annual OSU Poinsettia Sale will only be through online purchases and curbside pickup this year on Dec. 3 and 4.

Customers will need to go to https://fs4.formsite.com/vJbOvi/rfbc5oaidf/index.html to place an order. If you have problems placing your order, call us at 405-744-5415 to place an order. They will be able to choose which day and a time for pickup.

All plant orders must be picked up during your selected day and time slot at the new Greenhouse Learning Center in Stillwater. Please pull up to the north side of the greenhouse headhouse in the designated Poinsettia Parking spots and we will take a check or credit card when you pick up your plants. Once you pull up to pick up your order, just stay in your car as we will load your order in your vehicle.

2. Where is the annual OSU poinsettia sale?

The address for the Greenhouse Learning Center is 318 N Lincoln St. and is on the Stillwater campus. Most find it easy to access off of Hall of Fame through the student parking lot by the electrical substation or just north of the health center off of Farm Road. There will be designated parking on the north side of the headhouse.

3. How many poinsettias are for sale, what are the sizes available and the costs?

My greenhouse management students grew about 2,000 poinsettias this year. Half are the traditional red poinsettias, but we also have orange, white, rose type, and multi-colored ones too. Students grew three different sizes ranging from elfin (4.5” desk size), deluxe (6” standard table size), and specimen (8” display size). Prices range from $6 for the elfin, $11 for the deluxe, and $35 for the specimen size.

4. What other items are for sale?

I always have the students grow some “specialty crops” to give them experience with other crops besides poinsettias. As part of the class, students also grew lavender, ornamental kale, dianthus, and anthuriums this year. The kale and dianthus can be planted out now and even the lavender if temperatures continue to stay warm, while the anthurium is a houseplant. Those crops are two for $5.

5. Where can people go for more information?

Visit the “Committed to the Public Good” section towards the bottom of our Horticulture and Landscape Architecture website hortla.okstate.edu or facebook.com/OSUHorticultureLADept.

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