According to a report from the O’Colly, the student newspaper at Oklahoma State University, a petition in the emergency protection order served against suspended OSU basketball player Marcus Watson included a complaint of rape.

Watson, a freshman at OSU, has not been charged with a crime. The protective order was submitted and issued to Watson on Oct. 21. O’Colly Sports Editor Joseph Fazio reported that within the petition, filed in Payne County, a woman alleges that Watson returned with a woman to his apartment and then began pressuring her to have sex with him, raped her after she declined sexual advances and locked herself in the bathroom and attempted to call a friend. Fazio reported based on this petition that the woman said Watson forced himself into the bathroom and she ran from the apartment. According to the report, the women went to the emergency room where a rape exam was performed.

Last week, when the protective order was first reported, OSU Athletics released a statement to the O’Colly, writing ”OSU is aware of the request for protective order and takes such matters seriously. Pending further investigation, the student-athlete currently is being withheld from team activities."

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