Nicco Wang

Nicco Wang, a Stillwater High School student, performed a song on the violin during the Noon Lions Club meeting on Thursday. Wang, one of six SHS students named a National Merit Scholar this year, earned a perfect score on both his SAT and ACT exams. 

A Stillwater High School student has achieved a feat so rare that it is impossible to know how many people have done it, as it is simply not recorded. Nicco Wang, an SHS senior, achieved a perfect 36 on his ACT and a perfect 1,600 on his SAT. 

According to the ACT, with more than 1.9 million students in the class of 2018, only 3,700 (0.195 percent) received a perfect score. Only 6.8 percent of the 2.1 million who took the SAT last year achieved a perfect score. 

Wang was also one of six seniors at SHS selected this year for the National Merit Scholars program, with the six being chosen from more than 1.5 million entrants from across the U.S. Wang is a member of the SHS orchestra, and performed a song on the violin Thursday during the weekly Noon Lions Club meeting. Wang is surely to have his pick of where he wants to go to school, but hasn’t yet decided where his education will take him. Wang’s scores place him in rarified company, with his marks near or higher than individuals such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. 

“Right now, I’m thinking of education in mechanical and aerospace engineering,” Wang said. “I’m not sure what university I am going to study at, yet.”

He said it has been a relief for him and his family since the release of his test scores. He said the different days when he found out each score were an experience he and his family won’t forget. 

“That was a great time,” Wang said. “For the ACT, I woke up that morning thinking, ‘Today is the day, isn’t it.’ I looked it up and was like, ‘Mom, I got a 36!’ For the SAT, I found out when we were visiting my sister, who goes to Columbia University in New York. So we were visiting her during spring break, and we were actually at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That afternoon, I realized it was time to check for the score, so I looked at my phone and found out I got a 1,600. After that, I couldn’t really look at art anymore.”

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