Screen shot

An obscured screen shot of the Snapchat video that appears to show a woman giving whiskey shots to a child. 

Payne County Sheriff’s Office is working with multiple agencies to find out what charges might be warranted following the revelation of a Snapchat video that appears to show a local family giving alcohol to a child.

The Department of Human Services, the Saville Center and the District Attorney’s Office is also involved in the investigation, according to PCSO.

The video, which began to circulate widely on social media over the weekend. The video shows a small child walking up to a woman who appears to fill a bottle cap with contents from a whiskey bottle. The child appears to take at least two sips from the cap, while others laugh or encourage it.

After watching the video, many people contacted law enforcement. The original Facebook post of the video has since been removed.

Stillwater Police Department was being tagged in Facebook comments enough to elicit a response from SPD that they were aware of the video and “the appropriate agencies have been notified and it is being handled.”

The residence is outside of city limits for local municipalities, making it PCSO’s jurisdiction. No charges relating to neglect or abuse had been filed in Payne County District Court as of Monday afternoon.

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