Warm, summer air wraps around your body as you stand outside in the Independence Day sun. The smell of the grill fills the air. Around you, family members are chatting and everyone is waiting in anticipation for the fireworks show to start.

Except this year, for Perkins residents, the Fourth of July is the only day they will be able to shoot off fireworks of their own after the Perkins City Council passed city ordinance number 478.

Originally, Ordinance 474 was adopted, prohibiting the use of fireworks within the city limits of Perkins, but public outcry on social media forced the city council to pass Ordinance 478 at their regular meeting on June 11.

“The use or discharge of fireworks within the corporate limits of the city is hereby prohibited, except between the hours of nine o’clock (9) A.M. and twelve o’clock (12) midnight on July 4 of each year,” Ordinance 478 states.

The ordinance also specified that no fireworks may be discharged within 300 feet of any school, church, public building, nursing home, medical facility, service station, convenience store, any facility selling and dispensing petroleum products and any commercial business. Discharging fireworks is also prohibited within city limits during a state-imposed burn ban.

The use of pop bottle rockets is prohibited within the state of Oklahoma at all times.

These laws do not differ too much from other firework-related laws around Stillwater.

Stillwater has prohibited the selling, purchasing, possession and use of all fireworks within city limits since 1966. However, shows like the Chickasaw Boomer Blast Fireworks Show are held for residents to watch in city limits.

Below are the firework laws for surrounding cities:

• Glencoe- Residents are allowed to personally discharge fireworks from July 1-5

• Morrison- Residents may not sell or purchase fireworks within city limits. Fireworks may be discharged within city limits on the Fourth of July.

• Perry- Residents are not allowed to discharge, buy or sell fireworks within city limits, but no one is ticketed for owning them.

• Pawnee- Residents may discharge fireworks between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. from July 1-7 and on New Years Eve.

• Cushing- Residents may not buy or sell fireworks within city limits. Residents may not discharge fireworks without a permit.

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