The first Friday of the month, the Stillwater Medical Center Foundation sponsors a Lunch and Learn event at noon at the Stillwater Public Library. This week's guest is Dr. Kathryn Farguson from Stillwater Medical Cardiology. She will be discussing coronary artery disease.

1. Can you tell us a little of your background?

I grew up in Oklahoma. I am originally from Tulsa. I did all my training here. My medical school through residency and fellowship was done with OSU medical school and hospital.

2. What kind of things will you be discussing at First Friday?

Coronary artery disease – what we can do to prevent it. Ways that it is treated. New technology. Also what our community has to offer on this front, as well including a new heart and vascular institute that just opened at Stillwater Medical Center.

3. What is a common misconception people have about vascular health?

My parents had heart issues so I am guaranteed to. While genetics play a large, role there are steps we can take to slow the progression and even prevent heart disease. There are environmental factors we do have control over.

4. What kind of advances have there been in treatment for coronary artery disease, maybe even in the last 10 years?

One of the big new developments are better medications. Decrease cardiovascular risk and prevent disease progression.

5. Where can we learn more information?

The American Heart Association Is a great resource for updates to vascular health.

– Beau Simmons

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