SPD honors 2019 DUI Top Cop Award recipient

Provided. Officer Jonathan Brese(left), received the 2019 Top Cop Award given by Exchange Bank Vice President Will Andrews and Exchange Bank Stillwater Market President Andrea Bendele.  

Officer Jonathan Brese was the recipient for the 2019 DUI top cop for the Stillwater Police Department.

“This award began in 2018 as a way to recognize Stillwater officers who go above and beyond in their efforts to keep impaired drivers off the roadway,” the press release said.

In 2019 SPD made 204 arrests for impaired driving and 44 of those arrests came from Brese. He had just over 20% of the arrests. This is Brese’s second year to win this award.

Brese began working at SPD in March 2015, he is a state certified Drug Recognition Expert and is currently assigned to the night shift.

“For his efforts, Officer Brese was awarded a handgun and a plaque honoring his achievement,” the press release said.

The Exchange Bank of Stillwater sponsored this year's award.

“Stillwater PD is very grateful to Exchange Bank for their generous support that made this award possible,” the press release said.

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