Alleged Texas Roadhouse burglary

Image captured by security cameras in Texas Roadhouse located on North Perkins Road.

The Stillwater Police Department is still investigating an alleged burglary from Christmas at Texas Roadhouse.

A Facebook post asked the community for help identifying a man walking into the restaurant with a dog. The post was shared over 100 times and had 60 comments alleging they saw the individual around town.

Stillwater Public information Officer Kyle Bruce said the comments on the post weren’t fruitful in identifying the person seen in the video screen grabs. However, he did say the suspect was recognized from the social media post because people called in for tips.

He said that future comments might be disabled on SPD Facebook posts for similar situations because they don’t help police identify someone.

The Public Incident Report said an iPad in a magenta case was stolen. The items have an estimated value of $500, which would be a misdemeanor if charges were filed.

When State Question 780 passed in 2017, it reclassified low-level property crimes and changed what would be considered a felony and misdemeanor. If a theft was over $500, it was previously classified as a felony by state law. Now it’s only a felony if it exceeds $1,000.

Bruce said Criminal Investigations Division isn’t investigating the case, but the patrol division is. He said the potential suspect hasn’t been arrested but has been identified.

This story will be updated once more information is available.

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