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Stillwater Public Schools reported that an unauthorized parent on school grounds led to lockdown/lockout situations at Skyline Elementary as well as the junior high and middle school. After a tense half-hour and a search of Skyline, police me the parent at the parent’s residence.

“Since the threat was inside the building, staff followed district safety plans and students at recess at the time of the incident were evacuated with police escort to a secure location as a safety precaution. Those students will return to Skyline,” read a statement posted to the Stillwater Public Schools Facebook Page. “Skyline Elementary classrooms are removed from lockdown at this time. Connected to this incident, Stillwater Junior High and Stillwater Middle School were also placed on lockout. The lockout has been lifted at this time.

“The safety of our students and staff continues to be a priority for Stillwater Public Schools. We appreciate the quick response by our staff and local law enforcement.”

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