Earl Oswalt

Earl Oswalt

A missing person's case has led to the arrest of a Stillwater man who is now being accused of killing 29-year-old Chelsey Chaffin, also of Stillwater. Earl Oswalt, 54, was taken into custody after involvement in the case by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation at the request of the Payne County Sheriff's Office. Chaffin's body has not been recovered. 

In a Tuesday OSBI release, it was written that Chaffin had been reported missing since May 25, having last communicated with her mother by text that evening. It was the last time Chaffin was heard by friends or family, according to the report. It was also reported that Chaffin had moved into a residence on the 2600 block of Gregory Lane that belonged to Oswalt, who worked with Chelsey at a tile company in Stillwater.

"The Payne County Sheriff’s Office and the OSBI followed up on dozens of leads in the missing person case that ultimately led to the arrest of Oswalt for murder," the release states. "Investigators say he killed Chelsey in the early hours of May 26. At approximately 1 a.m. on May 27, Chelsey’s body was dumped over a bridge into the Cimarron River."

According to the OSBI, Oswalt is a registered sex offender who spent 20 years in prison on a 60-year rape sentence before being paroled in 2017. Oswalt has yet to be charged in Payne County District Court.

Authorities are continuing to search for Chaffin's body.