A Stillwater man was arrested for animal cruelty on Dec. 3 after police received a call about a fight.

Christian Alexzacier Gwen Wright, 19, was officially charged with animal cruelty on Dec. 9 in the Payne County District Court.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Stillwater Officer Damian Neiswanger observed a male and female arguing at the front door when he arrived on the scene at the 300 block of N. Duncan St.

Neiswanger wrote in the affidavit the woman alleged Wright strangled a dog and she thought the dog was dead.

“She told me they were all in the house together and that Christian picked up the dog and took it to his room,” Neiswanger wrote. “She said that while he was in the room, she could hear the dog yelping and a lot of thumping.”

The affidavit said the woman alleged she witnessed him strangling the dog and attempted to stop him. She alleged he dropped the dog and tried to strangle her, and her finger was smashed in the altercation.

Neiswanger wrote he observed the dog had defecated throughout the house while trying to find the dog.

“I located the dog behind a chair in the living room, and it was trying to hide from me,” Neiswanger alleged. “I also noticed the dog had multiple lacerations on its face and mouth. The dog was drooling, and there was blood coming from its mouth.”

While investigating, another witness came forward and told officers what they observed. He told the officers he also heard the dog whining and a lot of thumping. He also alleged Wright began strangling the woman after she tried to get him off the dog.

Neiswanger photographed the dog and its injuries.

The bond was set at $2,500 and was posted, and Wright is scheduled to be back in court in February.

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