Stillwater man charged with domestic assault and battery by strangulation

 A Stillwater man, Robert Lavell Carter, 50, was charged on Tuesday with one count of domestic assault and battery by strangulation and one count of domestic assault and battery, second and subsequent offense, according to court records.

A written affidavit states that on Aug. 15, Stillwater Police Department officers responded to a report of a physical domestic incident at a residence on Duck Street. There were already officers on scene, and the officers interviewed two women. One woman, identified as the victim, had injuries on her face and chest. The officer writes that LifeNet personnel arrived on scene, and the woman told LifeNet that a man named Robert had stomped on her chest and choked her. The woman was taken to the hospital by LifeNet to be further evaluated.

The officers spoke with the woman at the hospital, and she told them that many years ago she and Carter had been in a domestic relationship for a few months. She said they had broken off the relationship because of a domestic incident that had occurred. She said she had an emergency protective order that had been dismissed in 2014. The woman said she had called Carter a few nights before Aug. 15 because Carter had some of her clothes in his possession and she wanted them back.

She told officers that on Aug. 15 she had tried to walk to her sister’s house near the United Methodist Church, and that she had walked in front of Carter’s house while he was taking out the trash. The officer writes that the woman said Carter yelled at her demanding that she come up to his house. She said she was very fearful of what he might do if she refused so she entered the house.

The affidavit states that as soon as the woman entered the house, Carter told her to sit down and began asking her questions about things she had done or not done. Carter wasn’t physical with the woman, but he was intimidating and demeaning toward her. She said that sometime on Aug. 13, she told Carter that she wanted to leave and go to the store, but Carter wouldn’t let her go and would follow her everywhere she went inside his house. The woman said Carter made her cook for him, and he told her that she was going to have sex with him, the affidavit reads.

She said she did have sex with Carter, and didn’t tell him no because it would have angered him. She said Carter held her down during intercourse, and told her if she tried to leave he would “kill her.” She told officers that on Aug. 14, Carter made her have sex with him again during the day and she asked to be able to go to Sprouts. She wanted to get away from him and asked if she could use the bathroom in the store, and he denied her and told her she could use the bathroom at his house.

He then made her walk with him to a nearby liquor store and wouldn’t let her out of his sight. She said later in the day, Carter began hitting and choking her, which continued throughout the night and into the next day.

The affidavit reads that the woman said Carter forced her to have sex with him the following night, and he continued to say he would “kill her” if she tried to leave, and that the abuse continued all night into Aug. 15.

She said on Aug. 15, Carter said he was going to the store and that if she left while he was gone, she “would have to pay.” She told officers she came up with a plan to take all of her important documents from her purse and when Carter returned, she would try to run away while taking out the trash. Before Carter returned, a friend of the woman came to the house and knocked on the door. The woman immediately left the house with her friend and went to her friend’s home so the police could be called.

The officer writes that he noticed several red marks and bruising around the woman’s body in the neck and face area where she said Carter had choked her, punched and stomped on her chest. She said during strangulation she did not black out but became very dizzy and began to see white spots.

She also said Carter had hit her with both ends of a fly swatter. The officer photographed the injuries that were visible but the woman had other injuries were on her legs and around her breasts.

Domestic assault and battery carries a possible penalty after two prior felony convictions by three years to life in prison.

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