Stillwater man charged with domestic battery

Ashlynd Huffman/Stillwater News Press A Stillwater Police Department vehicle patrols the streets.

A Stillwater man is accused of choking and scratching his wife during an altercation with two toddlers present.

Abdulaziz Fallatah was charged with domestic abuse in front of minors and domestic abuse by strangulation.

On Jan 27, Stillwater officer Eric McKinney was dispatched to the 600 block E. 14th Ave, regarding a suicidal subject running into traffic.

McKinney arrived on scene and made contact with Gwendolyn Boyer, the mother of the victim.

Boyer told officer McKinney that her daughter had mental problems and was threatening suicide.

Once inside the residence, McKinney witnessed a man and woman exiting out of a bedroom arguing. Fallatah was saying he didn’t hit the victim, but evidence showed she had been struck.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the woman had three finger marks across the left side of her temple, the marks were bright red. McKinney also noted that the victim had scratch marks on the left side of her neck, they appeared to be caused by fingernails.

The officer then noticed a red mark across the front of the victim’s lower neck.

Fallatah told officer McKinney the victim was out of control and broke the mirror.

According to the affidavit, the victim was crying and saying she was punched on her forehead and side of the face by Fallatah.

A small abrasion on the victim’s hairline could be seen when she lifted her bangs. The victim also said Fallatah threw her on the ground, causing her to hit her head on the edge of the wooden bed frame.

The victim told McKinney she was upset and had been down on herself because she didn’t have a job or any friends and her husband doesn’t listen to her.

The victim admitted to throwing things at the wall when Fallatah started arguing. One item hit the wall and then struck Fallatah on the back of his head, that’s when he allegedly struck her with his fist and threw her to the ground.

The victim said Boyer and Fallatah got on top of her while she was on the ground.

McKinney noticed the victim holding her right arm, he could see bruising at the right elbow, left forearm and a bite mark on her left forearm. The victim couldn’t point out who bit her because Boyer and Fallatah were both on top of her.

According to the affidavit, the victim said Fallatah held her down by her neck with both hands. During the incident, two toddler children were present. According to McKinney, the children seemed happy and showed no signs of abuse.

Another Stillwater officer arrived on scene and began talking to Fallatah and Boyer.

Boyer told McKinney that her daughter was out of control, she said her daughter hit Fallatah so he restrained the woman. Boyer said her daughter caused her own injuries.

Fallatah told officer McKinney the situation became physical when the woman started throwing things at his head. The officer then checked for marks and didn’t see anything.

According to the affidavit, Fallatah admitted to pushing the victim and holding her until she calmed down.

Fallatah was placed under arrest at 10:55 a.m. and escorted to a patrol car.

The victim told both officers that her arm may be dislocated at her elbow. The officers dispatched an ambulance to their location.

Fallatah was transported to the city jail. While in jail, Fallatah began complaining of injuries to his knee. McKinney looked at his knee and didn’t see anything that looked like an injury.

“There was no scratches, abrasions, or swelling,” officer McKinney said.

Fallatah was booked without incident. Fallatah will be in court on Tuesday.

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