A Stillwater man, John Christian Clement, was charged earlier this month with a felony of domestic assault and battery by attempted strangulation and a felony of domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after an incident occurring at a local residence.

According to the probable cause affidavit, on July 8 around 1 p.m. two Stillwater Police Department officers were dispatched to assist Life Net Ambulance at a local residence. The alleged victim was identified as a woman who was having a seizure. Clement was the only person in the residence along with the female at the time.

One of the officers helped roll the woman over and noticed bruising and abrasions to the woman’s neck and face.

Clement told police he returned home from the liquor store and the woman started yelling at him. Clement also stated the alleged victim had mental problems and a history of seizures.

Ambulance and fire department personnel helped load the woman into the ambulance and she came to. An officer asked the woman what had happened. According to the report, the woman said Clement and she got into a fight and Clement hit her in the head with a vodka bottle, then strangled her with both hands.

Clement was already awaiting court proceedings for a misdemeanor count of domestic abuse after an March 3 incident involving the same woman, where there was a physical altercation resulting in Clement allegedly knocking three of the woman’s teeth out.

Bond for the misdemeanor was originally set at $4,000 and was posted March 18. Since the events of the felonies, the posted misdemeanor bond was revoked on July 15 and raised to $10,000. The bond for the felony charges is set for $15,000.

Clement’s next court date is set for Aug. 5.

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