Stillwater man charged with multiple counts of lewd molestation

 A Stillwater man, Joseph Scott Rood, 50, was charged on Wednesday with multiple counts of lewd molestation. According to court records, deputies from the Payne County Sheriff’s Department met with four victims beginning in May and continuing through August. Two of the victims are related to Rood by blood, and the other two are related to him by marriage. The victims’ ages ranged from around 4 years old to 16 during the first time Rood performed inappropriate acts with them.

According to a written affidavit, victims who met with officers described incidents that included Rood touching their private parts, Rood making them watch pornographic videos, and one victim who said Rood touched her inappropriately while she pretended to be asleep after Rood had made her take nearly 10 shots of tequila.

According to a written affidavit, one of the victims called Rood while an officer was present during the call. The victim told Rood that the police wanted to talk with her about “the sexual stuff” they did, and during the call Rood said things such as “how would they know anything about it,” and “they can’t prove anything about anything … if you want to say nothing ever happened, that’s fine, I’m 100 percent on board.” When the victim asked him over the phone what would happen if she did talk to police, he responded “then it’ll get worse.” The officer writes that Rood never denied the victim’s accusations about what he had done with her. A relative of Rood described finding a girl’s underwear near the computer, where the relative knew Rood watched porn, and upon asking about it Rood said the underwear must have been dropped while laundry was being done. Some of the victims described Rood having them take off clothing while watching pornography. Victims also described being scared around Rood, due to there not being anybody safe to talk to about what was going on.

On Wednesday, Rood was charged with five counts of lewd molestation, with incident dates ranging from 2002-11.

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