Wilson Tully Brooking, 38, of Stillwater, was charged with one count of unlawful possession of a controlled rug and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia after an incident on Nov. 1, according to court records.

A written affidavit states that a Stillwater Police Department drug court officer made a visit to Brooking’s home. The officer writes that after he knocked on the door, he could see into the house through a crack above the door frame that Brooking was standing on the stairs. He saw Brooking retreat back into the residence, continued knocking and Brooking eventually came to the door.

The officer writes Brooking seemed out of breath, and Brooking said he had just woken up. The officer said he knew he was lying because he had seen him on the steps. Brooking was shaking and nervous, and the officer found a syringe on him after a pat down. After walking into the house, the officer saw multiple used syringes on the counter. The officer writes Brooking is a known heroin addict and in the drug court program because of heroin.

The officer found a zip baggie with a powdered substance that appeared to be white heroin. Brooking said he tried to flush baggies down the toilet, saying he had flushed multiple one gram bags. After getting a search warrant, officers found working digital scales with heroin residue along with several zip top baggies. Officers also found a baggie containing a powdery substance in the bathroom that was floating in the toilet. Pills and other syringes were found in the residence. Officers also found $678 in cash, a “whizzinator” for passing drug tests and a total of two grams of heroin were seized.

Brooking appeared in court on Tuesday, and the matter was set for Nov. 12.

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