Stillwater man charged with shooting with intent to kill

A Stillwater man, Brandon Hatchett, has been charged in Payne County District Court with shooting with intent to kill and possession of a firearm after a prior conviction of a felony following an incident Friday in Ripley.

According to court records, Payne County dispatch received reports of a shooting at about 1:19 p.m. Friday. Numerous deputies responded, and located a black Chevrolet pickup crashed into a gas meter northeast of the intersection of Main Street and Morton Avenue in Ripley. A witness reported seeing a man run from the truck down an alleyway and hide under a red building located west of Biddle Street, the affidavit states. Deputies found Charles Kirk hiding under the building. The Chevrolet Kirk was driving had several bullet holes in the passenger door and windshield. Deputies then learned Hatchett was the other individual involved, and had last been seeing driving north on Morton Avenue from the scene and headed out of town.

According to court records, deputies then went to a machine shop located north of Ripley knowing Hatchett had ties to the location. Deputies received Hatchett’s cellphone number from people at the shop, and contacted Hatchett. The deputy states in the affidavit that Hatchett told him that Kirk had threatened to kill Hatchett and his son. Hatchett told the deputy he had been rammed by Kirk while both were driving and then shot at Kirk. The deputy states that Hatchett was “manic” and would only talk to him for a short time before hanging up on him. Hatchett then sent photos of the damage to his truck showing damage to the driver’s side front quarter panel. Hatchett then told the deputy that the situation was not going to end well and that he wasn’t going back to prison. At one point he told the deputy he was around Dunkin Bridge, which numerous law enforcement personnel investigated but found nothing.

The deputy states he contacted dispatch to put an exigent ping on Hatchett’s cellphone since he was armed and had told the deputy it wasn’t going to end well and that he was not going back to prison. Dispatch received the first ping showing Hatchett’s cellphone located near Hiawassee and County Road 73 in Logan County. Dispatch requested Logan County Office’s help in locating Hatchett in the area. At around 3:24 p.m., Logan County deputies located Hatchet and his truck stuck in the mud a quarter of a mile west of Hiawassee Road, prompting numerous units to respond to the area.

The deputy states that after negotiations, Hatchett was taken into custody. His truck was seized via a Logan County search warrant, and the truck was taken to Payne County Sheriff’s maintenance and secured. A second warrant was requested from Payne County to search Hatchett’s truck and the truck Kirk had been driving.

According to court records, the passenger door of Kirk’s truck had multiple bullet holes. There were at least two, maybe three bullet holes in the center of the windshield and one bullet hole in the hood. There was also a bullet hole in the driver’s side A-pillar.

According to court records, while searching Hatchett’s truck, the deputy noted there were no bullet holes in the truck. The deputy located numerous spent .223-caliber shell cases on the dash and floorboard. In the driver’s side door was a Remington Model 870 Tac-14 12-gauge shotgun, which was chamber loaded with a live round and six rounds in the detachable magazine. In the driver’s seat was a Sig Sauer model p229 .40-caliber semi-auto pistol with one round in the chamber and 12 rounds in the magazine with the serial number ground off. On the passenger seat was a Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15 rifle chambered in .223 with a 45-round magazine loaded with one in the chamber and 32 rounds in the magazine. Also in the passenger seat was another Smith & Wesson M&P-15 AR-15 rifle chamber in .223. There was an additional Mossberg Model 500 12-gauge with five rounds of 12-gauge slug 1 00 buck and in a side saddle attached to the frame of the shotgun, there were seven rounds in the magazine and it was not chamber loaded. Also in the front passenger seat was a DPMS AR-10 model LR-308 chambered in .308 with 10 rounds in the magazine and one round in the chamber. In a black bag on the passenger side floorboard was a Taurus .38 special five-shot revolver with five live rounds in the cylinder. The deputy states hundreds of rounds of ammunition matching the types of firearms found in the vehicle. The deputy also found a functional Uniden scanner capable of picking up police radio frequencies.

At around 10:30 p.m. Friday, the deputy states he went to Ripley to interview Kirk. He told deputies that he had only met Hatchett a few times, the first being when the two were incarcerated with one another, and the other being at the Maveric Mini Mart in Ripley. Kirk told the deputy that Hatchett had shown up outside a woman’s residence on Morton Avenue on Friday afternoon and was honking the horn and yelling. Kirk went outside and saw it was Hatchett, who lifted up an AR-15 style rifle and pointed it at Kirk. Hatchett yelled at Kirk telling him to meet him at the river. Kirk said he ran toward the trailer house and that he thought Hatchett got out of his truck, then got back into his truck and pulled a pistol out of his waistband and pointed it at Kirk, the deputy writes.

Kirk told the deputy he was scared for his family so he decided to get into his truck, and Hatchett at one point overtook his truck attempting to get him to chase him away from town. Kirk said Hatchett was right behind him, just south of the intersection of Main and Morton in Ripley when Kirk hit the brakes hard and Hatchett went to pass him on the right. Kirk could see the AR-style rifle pointed out of the truck and Hatchett began shooting into the passenger side of Kirk’s truck. Kirk was on the floorboard trying to not get hit with gunfire, and hit the gas of his truck to get away from Hatchett, hitting Hatchett’s vehicle on the right side of the front right fender. Kirk wrecked northeast of Main and Morton into a gas meter. He then ran east into an alley and hid under a red building until law enforcement arrived, the affidavit states.

The deputy writes that in the investigation it appears that one round went into the door, fragmented into smaller pieces and hit Kirk in the right leg. Kirk last saw Hatchett driving northbound on Highway 108.

The deputy then interviewed the woman whose residence Kirk had been at, and she told the deputy that she works at Maveric Mini Mart in Ripley. She said a man who often hangs out at the store had recently been vulgar with workers, including her. She told Kirk about it and Kirk confronted the man recently at the store. She believes the man Kirk confronted is the reason Hatchett was upset with Kirk because the man and Hatchett hang out together, the deputy writes.

The deputy spoke with the man at his home in Ripley, and asked him if he knew what the problem was between Hatchett and Kirk. The man told the deputy the only thing he could think of is that Hatchett found out Kirk was in prison on a homicide case and that he snitched out the other party involved in the homicide. According to court records, Kirk had served time for a second-degree murder offense and has an active status on the state’s violent offender list. The man denied being vulgar with workers at Maveric Mini Mart. 

On Saturday, the deputy interviewed Hatchett while he was in custody at the Sheriff’s office. The deputy states that Hatchett told him that he had learned Kirk was making threats to kill Hatchett and his son, and that it had been going on for a few weeks. Hatchett said he decided to located some firearms for protection for his family. He said he first went looking for Kirk at his main residence, then went to the residence of the woman where he got the attention of Kirk. The deputy writes that Hatchett said Kirk came outside and admitted to pointing an AR-15 at Kirk and told him to meet him at the river. Hatchett said he left, circled the block and when Kirk was following him he then circled the block again which allowed Kirk to be ahead of Hatchett. Hatchett said just before they got to Main Street, Kirk braked hard making Hatchett go around him on the passenger side. Hatchett claimed that Kirk rammed his truck and pulled out a gun, pointing it at Hatchett. He told the deputy that this is when he fired a bunch of rounds into Kirk’s truck. Deputies do not report finding Kirk with a gun. Hatchett said he remembered seeing Kirk’s truck northbound through the empty lot northeast of Main Street and Morton. Hatchett said he did not know what to do and left town northbound on Highway 108.

The deputy writes that Hatchett said he did some searching and found out that Kirk had been in prison and then snitched out a guy on a murder case. The deputy writes that after looking at Kirk’s vehicle and the bullet trajectories and conducting interviews with Kirk and Hatchett, that Kirk was telling the truth that Hatchett began shooting prior to Kirk striking Hatchett’s truck.

The officer writes that Hatchett is a multi-time convicted felon, and was convicted in Payne County in a 2000 case for assault and batter with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping. The charge for shooting with intent to kill, if convicted, can carry a sentence of not less than two years nor exceeding life.