Marty Woodruff

On Dec. 31, Officer Brett Moore executed a search warrant signed by the Honorable Judge Corley.

Officers were led to the entrance of the residence of Marty Woodruff, officers used force to enter the residence since Woodruff refused to answer the door.

Woodruff was located trying to exit the western half of his residence, the affidavit said no other occupants were located on his side of residence.

Moore was informed by Detective Carson and Officer Whitely that a bag with a crystal like substance (believed to be methamphetamine) found swirling in the toilet.

According to the affidavit, “due to the fear of the substance flushing down the drain or dissolving, Detective Carson removed it from the toilet and placed it on the counter.”

Woodruff was informed of his Miranda Rights and he verbally acknowledged he understood and agreed to talk to Moore.

Woodruff said the methamphetamine didn’t belong to him, but it belonged to Brandon Prather and he threw it in the toilet. Moore discovered this to be untrue, due to the fact Prather was located in the eastern bedroom with a sleeping infant on his chest. Moore said Prather looked like he had just woken up, from the officers walking into the room.

According to the affidavit, “Throughout the residence I located numerous pieces of aluminum foil with a heated line of heroin, and syringes which were easily accessible to the small children inside the residence.”

Moore had been surveilling the residence and observed one of the children in and out of the residence with Woodruff, while cars would come and go.

Moore said this activity is normally associated with the distribution of narcotics.

Moore conducted a field test kit on the substance and it tested positive as methamphetamine. The total amount of methamphetamine removed from the toilet was 5.9 grams to include the weight of the packaging material.

Moore placed Woodruff under arrest and contacted DHS who took custody of the children.

Woodruff was charged with possession of CDS, destruction of evidence and a felony charge of child endangerment.

The court set the bond in the amount of $200,000, Woodruff is required to appear with counsel on Jan. 9.

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