Payne County Courthouse

Payne County Courthouse

A Stillwater woman, Danelle Lynne Lee, 39, was charged with unlawful delivery of a dangerous substance and abuse by caretaker after she allegedly took medicine meant for patients at the Stillwater assisted living facility where she worked.

A written affidavit says Lee took syringes of morphine belonging to a patient who was being cared for with terminal cancer while in hospice care.

Lee also allegedly took six Norco pills, a painkiller, from another patient at the nursing home. Officers investigating were able to obtain information that Lee would check the medicine out for the patients in order to administer it, but would keep it. She would then go back to a computer, which only she had access to at the nursing home, and register that she had administered the medicine and what the patient’s pain level was.

The written affidavit states police learned Lee had checked medicine out for patients twice a day for several days. Lee told officers that on one of the nights she had checked medicine out, workers were so busy on the floor that she forgot to administer the medicine so she just kept it and was going to sell it to make some extra money. When taking the Norco pills, Lee claimed that the patient had been asleep and was not able to administer the medicine, and she would then keep the pills.

The officer write that he met with a doctor who was the primary physician for the woman who was in hospice care, who passed away May 28. The doctor said missing doses of the morphine would not have contributed to the woman dying, but that missing a few doses would have caused her pain. The patient of the Norco pills would suffer from pain when not receiving the doses of the medicine.

Lee was charged on Friday with two counts of larceny of a controlled drug and two counts of abuse by caretaker. She will appear next in court for these counts on June 25.

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