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The Stillwater Police Department has confirmed it is investigating a physical confrontation between a student at Stillwater Junior High and one of the school administrators.

The incident occurred as the school day was beginning on Nov. 1, at about 9 a.m., Capt. Kyle Gibbs of the Stillwater Police Department said.

An incident report has been filed with the department, and one of the school resource officers is conducting an investigation, which includes reviewing video, he said.

Once the investigation is complete, SPD could present the information to the District Attorney.

“Right now it looks like the principal did not make the first move,” Gibbs said. “It looks like the student assaulted, the principal defended and they went to the ground.”

The News Press has not independently confirmed the name and position of the administrator involved. Stillwater Public Schools communications coordinator Barry Fuxa said school district officials are conducting their own investigation into the incident and will fully cooperate with the police investigation. The district declined to offer any further information about the incident or any disciplinary action the district might have taken as a result.

“Personnel and student matters are confidential by law; as a result, the district cannot release additional information at this time,” Fuxa wrote. “Stillwater Public Schools considers the safety of student and staff its number one priority.”

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