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More information has been released about an incident in which a man’s gun discharged on Monday in a Stillwater Walmart.

According to a statement released Tuesday afternoon by the Stillwater Police Department, a .32 caliber pistol being worn in a shoulder holster under a customer’s jacket appears to have accidentally discharged.

“It was speculated that a strap on the holster caught on the trigger of the weapon and caused it to fire while it was in the holster,” Capt. Kyle Gibbs wrote. “… At the time of the discharge the customer was was standing near the jewelry counter. The bullet was later found lying quite a distance away in the Men’s department.”

No one struck by the discharged bullet.

“I’m thankful the bullet didn’t ricochet and hit anyone could have easily hit me,” a customer who was nearby in the checkout area told the News Press on Monday.

The incident occurred just after 11 a.m. and SPD was notified around 1 p.m.

The customer who was wearing the gun was asked to leave the store and was not present when officers arrived.

SPD has a report on the incident, which has been classified as an “illegal discharge of weapon” but doesn’t have a name to identify the suspect, Gibbs told the News Press on Monday.

He reminds people who carry firearms that they are legally responsible for every bullet that leaves their guns.

“Persons carrying firearms have a duty to carry their weapons in a safe manner. Intentional or unintentional discharges, as in this case, could have both criminal and/or civil ramifications,” the SPD statement said. “… Walmart policy does not permit customers to carry firearms into the store. Entering a business carrying a firearm when the business has posted signage forbidding firearms is a trespassing issue.”

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