Lulu Goodfox is one of several students in the Stillwater area set to begin sixth grade in the next few weeks, but her summer has included her receiving an opportunity to pursue her dream of being an actress.

She is the daughter of Jeff and Alyssa Goodfox. Lulu, who is a native of the Osage and Pawnee tribes, recently booked a principal role on the series Sesame Street.

She has attended an academy at The Actor Factory In Norman, where she received training on acting in front of a camera, as well as learning what it takes to improve as an actor. She has also performed in stage productions by Town & Gown Theatre, Stage Right and Pawnee Arts. In July, she attended an audition for the Sesame Street role, and was one of six selected from around 200 who auditioned.

“It’s really exciting,” Lulu said. “I was really surprised because once you get the first part, they have you go through another series where they ask you questions through email. I didn’t get a response right away, but it was really exciting. My mom cried and I had tears in my eyes … it was really surprising, I was excited.”

Lulu was filmed for the role on Monday at Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve, and she wore traditional Osage clothing for the role. The role is for a premise in which Sesame Street characters are traveling across the United States and meeting kids who talk about life in their respective hometowns. Kids had to be Oklahoma residents for the audition she attended.

Lulu’s mother, Alyssa, said even though her daughter is on film, they won’t know if Lulu made the episode until it airs on TV. But with Lulu being Native American, the opportunity for her to potentially be featured in an episode of Sesame Street is another opportunity for someone of Native American descent to be featured in a major medium.

“There are just so few Native Americans in media and on TV. So when we do see it, we’re so excited to see each other in any form or format whatsoever,” Alyssa said. “I think it’s just been super exciting … just to read the comments, it’s all been supportive, and it’s people we don’t know or may never meet, but they are just so happy to see someone in that format. So we’re really hopeful that she does make that final cut, but just to be given the opportunity is a big deal.”

Lulu said it made her happy knowing how proud her family was of her getting the opportunity, and the news of the role was shared by Osage News and has made rounds on social media. Alyssa said while they don’t know if Lulu will appear in the episode, it would be great opportunity for Native Americans around the country to connect with seeing somebody like them on TV.

“We’ll see, I guess, we really don’t know. I hope it happens, and it would just be one more format to see a Native American child,” Alyssa said. “There are Native Americans all over, and for a Native American child in California to see her and say, ‘Hey, look. That girl is all the way in Oklahoma and she looks kind of like me.’ So that would be neat.”

Lulu said she thinks the experience she has gained from learning more about acting will lead to more opportunities for her moving forward. She said when she grows up, she wants to either be a well-known Broadway actress or well-known actress. She likes theater performances due to being able to gauge how she is performing based on the reactions from the crowd.

“I really like watching shows. I like to watch and feed off of it, off of what they’re showing,” Lulu said. “When I’m done with a show, I realize when I did a good job and I learn from it. It’s just really fun for me, it’s a really fun experience. Like the crew you’re with, is so fun, it’s like another family that you hang out with.”

Alyssa said there hasn’t been a bad experience yet with anything Lulu has performed in, which has been a welcoming experience for all involved.

“Every project she’s done has been super kid friendly,” Alyssa said. “With Town & Gown, she was the only kid in the cast or crew, but after spending so much time with that amount of people, you just grow close. It’s all been very amazing.”