Hope Thomas

Hope Thomas

Hope Maria Thomas, 28, of Stillwater, was charged on Monday with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon from an incident on Saturday, according to court records.

A written affidavit says that Stillwater Police Department officers responded to the intersection of Liberty Avenue and Perkins Road. Police spoke with a woman who said she was backing out of a driveway on Liberty Avenue and almost ran into another car on the road. The driver of the other vehicle, later identified as Thomas, got out of her vehicle and began yelling at the woman for almost hitting her vehicle. The officer writes that Thomas said she would “kick her a--,” and the two exchanged words between one another.

The woman said Thomas told her to get out of her vehicle, which she did. The woman then saw Thomas grab a butcher knife from the center console of the vehicle, and then told the woman “I will cut you, b----.” The woman said nothing physical happened during the verbal and threatening altercation, with the woman then calling the police, the officer writes.

SPD officers then made contact with Thomas, who said she was driving down the street and the woman almost hit her vehicle and that Thomas had yelled at the woman, the officer writes. Thomas also said that when she started yelling at the woman, other people jumped out of their cars and “ran up on” Thomas. The officer then asked what happened next, and Thomas said the “the rest of it is hazy.” When asked where the knife was, Thomas asked the officer if he was referring to “the one” she always carries on her. The officer then asked if it was the knife Thomas had pulled on the woman, but she said she hadn’t pulled a knife and that the woman was just scared, the officer writes. Thomas told the officer that the woman came up to Thomas and got in her face, acting like she was going to hit her, with a group of other people.

Thomas said there was a second car full of people who had gotten out of their vehicle and Thomas told officers that she simply told the woman to “watch where you are f------ going.” Thomas then said the woman replied “do something about it b----.”

The officer writes he said the woman may have just made a mistake while backing out of the driveway, and Thomas said she was just having a very bad day. She said she had been looking for her boyfriend, who had been cheating on her. The officer then asked why she had pulled the knife on the woman, but Thomas said she hadn’t pulled the knife but that she did have it in her vehicle. The officer writes he then asked how the woman could have seen the knife if Thomas had not pulled it out, and Thomas said the knife was underneath the seat where she keeps it. She said she always keeps the knife in her front seat.

The officer asked Thomas if she kept the knife in the front seat, and then Thomas said she had the knife tucked into her waistline, and told officers that it was her right to do so. She also said it was her right to keep the knife on the floorboard, when the officer told Thomas he was tired of her lying to him and reminded her she had just said the knife had been in her waistline.

The officer writes that Thomas then said the knife had been on the floorboard where her kids play, so she picked it up and took off in her car. The officer asked Thomas why, and she told him that she was trying to find her boyfriend who had been cheating on her. Thomas was then asked to speak about the incident involving the woman who had almost hit her, but she was still resistant to tell the officer where the knife had been.

Officers then placed Thomas under arrest and escorted her to the patrol car. While searching Thomas’ vehicle, a black handled long kitchen knife was found in the cargo pocket of the front passenger seat. The officer writes Thomas’ 4-year-old child was sitting in the seat.

The officer writes that while trying to find someone to collect the juvenile, another officer agreed to take Thomas to jail. The officers tried to get Thomas to move from one patrol car to the other, and while she was getting into the second vehicle, she stopped with half her body inside the vehicle. She began to yell at her son from the patrol vehicle, and was told many times to get into the vehicle completely. Once in the vehicle, whenever officers tried to close the door, Thomas kept kicking it open. Officers tried to pull her into the vehicle from the other doorway, but Thomas laid down on the backseat making it impossible for officers to close the door, according to the affidavit. After continuing to resist, the officers told Thomas that she would be tazed if she did not comply, but then complied and officers were able to close the door.

Thomas was then taken to jail, but continued to be uncooperative. Thomas was charged on Monday with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.