The positives of adventuring

Provided The cover art for "Tobey the Trailer and his great Adventures," a children's book that was released on Jan. 31 by first-time author Jane Burton. 

There are many books that have been written that derive their narrative from real-world experiences of the author.

Through these experiences, these authors are able to translate their experiences into a way for people to get their own share of the experience through reading the author’s book.

For Jane Burton, an Oklahoma City native, she poured her adventures and experiences into her first book, a children’s novel titled “Tobey the Trailer and his great Adventures.” She and her friend, Bonnie Genzer, spent time living in a trailer much like the one Tobey is based on, and had what she described as a “gypsy, wanderer adventure.”

Burton said Genzer got sick with multiple sclerosis and leukemia, and with her friend not able to continue their adventures, was inspired to write the book once her friend passed away.

“When she got really sick in the last three years, it pretty much inspired me to write this book,” Burton said. “So I took our journeys and kind of went into this fantasy and turned it into a children’s book. The pickup and the trailer are best friends, instead of me and her, and it’s originated from our personal stories.”

Her book was released Jan. 31, and she said she already has a series of adventures involving Tobey, but that she is waiting to see how her first book does before continuing the series. Through her experiences, she developed a love for the outdoors, and through the book, she said she hopes to inspire children to want to get outside and experience what the world has to offer.

“I’m trying to challenge children to live more of a journey,” Burton said. “Stop looking at your cellphone, stop looking at your laptops. Go out and enjoy your adventure of your life, because we never know when our last day’s going to be. So let’s inspire everybody to enjoy the beauty and nature of the world, because there’s so much out there that you can enjoy.”

Burton said she had always considered herself a writer, as in her youth she wrote many stories. She said now that her first book is out and she’s a published author, it has been an exciting whirlwind toward getting the book published.

“It’s just a ‘wow’ factor. It’s kind of like being on 'America’s Got Talent,' and knowing you won $1 million and you haven’t gotten it yet,” Burton said. “It’s just really amazing for me, because I always thought I would write a book because I was always kind of a writer when I was a kid. When I was in junior high and high school, I was always writing stories and get really good grades on them, and things of that nature. But this was able to be brought out of my imagination because of illness and tragedy, so I was able to say, ‘OK, let’s make something happy and positive situation.’”

She said her friend became paralyzed from MS in 2004 and after her passing, she now has the perspective that is grateful for having been able to spend the time with her that she did.

“I have to be thankful, because I got to have an adventure and a journey in the time that she was capable of being there,” Burton said. “I was blessed to be able to take those journeys and turn them into something positive. This is a positive journey. It just says, ‘Hey, go grab a camper, go enjoy life. Go see what else there is to explore.’ It’s a way to have kind of a legacy for my friend who passed away, and if I were to die tomorrow, it would kind of be a legacy for myself.”

“Tobey the Trailer and his great Adventures,” is available on Amazon in hardback, paperback and e-book editions.

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