Everyone has had some unbelievable findings during their lives.

We have experienced four incredible events, and I remember them like they occurred yesterday.  I will gladly share them with you, readers of Our Town and far beyond. They have been truly remarkable happenings.


No. 1: Disneyland Shocker

While my bride, Debbie, and I were living in southern California in the late 1970’s, we made frequent day-trips to the greater Los Angeles area from our home in San Diego County.  One of our favorite destinations was Disneyland, aka “The Happiest Place on Earth”.  After another memorable tourist day in Disneyland, Ms. Deb, and I began to walk toward the park’s front exit. As my bride was making one of her final souvenir purchases, she discovered she did not have her money purse, which also contained some of her jewelry.  We both panicked, and quickly retraced our most recent paths through the crowded park.  After a brief, disappointing time, we realized the small, zippered item containing her valuables was probably lost, never to be found again.

Shortly before we exited the main gate, I told her our last hope of getting her purse back would be the park’s central lost-and-found office.  We walked inside, gave the person behind the busy desk Debbie’s information, and the item’s description.  The nice Disney employee carefully looked through lots of things, and, after a few minutes, pulled out our “lost” item. My bride’s identity was verified with a photo inside the item, and Debbie was happily reunited with her missing purse.  She immediately looked inside, and absolutely nothing---cash, jewelry or credit cards---was missing; everything was there!  In those days, Disneyland had a daily visitor attendance of about 30,000 people. This entire experience certainly strengthened our faith in the honesty of our fellow human beings!


No. 2:  Branson Magic

My lady and I were on one of our frequent trips to the southwest Missouri resort community of Branson, Missouri, several years ago, when we stopped on their main highway to eat a mid-afternoon meal at a popular Mexican restaurant. Following our leisurely late lunch, we got in our automobile, and drove several blocks down the road. Suddenly, my bride told me she had “lost” one of her rings.  Almost as quickly as she told me about her loss, she thought she had a possible answer.  She asked me to drive back to the restaurant, she went inside their women’s restroom, and looked through the top of their trash can.  There, located inside a folded-over brown paper, in a discarded, hand towel, was her shining ring. Apparently, when she dried off her hands, her jewelry slipped off her finger, and lodged in the wet towel.  Oh, my, what a fortunate re-find in that situation long, long ago!


No. 3: Home Treasure

This event also involves one of Ms. Debbie’s pieces of jewelry.  Sometime after my father’s estate was finalized, we inherited some of the estate’s jewelry, including a diamond ring.  During the years following the estate distribution, the ring in question became “misplaced”.  In fact, the ring remained missing for a long time, and my bride and I considered the valuable  ring gone forever.  So, I am mowing our home front yard many years later, and just as I turned the machine off, during a hot Our Town summer day, something shiny caught my eye.  Being the curious fellow I am, I strolled over to investigate a hidden area in a crevice, where the concrete walkway was flush against the thick Bermuda grass lawn. Yes, my amazing discovery was the partially dirt-covered diamond ring! No, I didn’t make this story up to entertain you, my readers!


No. 4: Caribbean Clear

My final secret genie-in-the-bottle experience happened off the beautiful island of Grand Cayman in the Caribbean Sea a few years back.  Our vacation traveling group was thoroughly enjoying “Sting Ray City”, a famous site just off the island, where swimmers get in the clear water, to feed and interact with many giant sting ray ocean critters. During our playful session with the gentle creatures. my gold wedding came off my ring finger.  I reacted in horror as my family treasure slowly sank to the bottom of the clear, ocean water, about 20’ deep below me. My initial solution was to recruit my dear friend, Bryan, to surface dive down to get the bright object in order to save-my-day!  Mr. Bryan quickly assessed the urgent situation, held his breath, dived down, and, of course, surfaced with my wedding ring in his hand.  Wow, what a superman-like performance I had witnessed, and was grateful!

Gosh, our luck certainly has been wonderful over many years now. 

We are now strongly considering playing the lottery?

Robert Breedlove is an Oklahoma State University news-editorial journalism graduate, and a former newspaper (including News Press) reporter. He resides in Stillwater, and has for most of his life. He has been a contributing writer to various media over the United States for years. He may be reached at dermrefmd@aol.com.

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