Waterfalls have always been near the top of my “like” list, whether they are naturally occurring, or are manmade, such as in a park, or someone’s backyard.

For me, they are very relaxing to see; watching rushing water tumble over the edge, falling to a lower level. For me, they are certainly a soothing experience. A few years ago, my bride, Lady Debbie, and I traveled to Latin America on a three-week adventure, experiencing four countries during our memorable trip. Most of the vacation was spent aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line vessel, but we did have a two-day, pre-trip excursion, including seeing one of Planet Earth’s most incredible waterfalls.

Iguazu Falls. 

This overwhelming, powerful collection of 275 waterfalls, is located in the middle of a South American jungle; where the countries of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay all converge. 

It is the largest waterfall (3.5 million gallons/second) on Planet Earth, and once you witnesses it, you know nothing could possibly be larger! Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, when seeing the magnificent falls, is said to have exclaimed, “My Poor Niagara!”, comparing Iguazu to our country’s awesome waterfall. My bride and I traveled to the remote setting, flying (800 miles north) from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We then were transported by motor coach to the national park on the Argentina section of the falls. 80-percent of the falls are on the Argentina side, and 20-percent on the Brazil side. Part of the Iguazu River runs in Paraguay. When we visited the region, Americans did not have to have a visa to visit Argentina, but one was required to visit Brazil. For that reason, our tour group confined our activity to only the Argentina section. After arrival, we checked into our new, beautiful hotel, not far from the falls, We then were transported to the falls for our first glimpse of this colossal feature of Mother Nature that is almost indescribable! 

The national park is very well-maintained, and there a walkways and elevated platform throughout the vast facility. Our group was initially led on an excellent walking guided tour that enabled us to capture seeing the complex of waterfalls from many different vantage points. At times, the shear sound of the falling water was almost deafening. The highlight of the tour was the walk to the famous Devil’s Throat area where, as visitors, we felt like we were literally in the falls as our elevated platform was surrounded by surging water!

After the tour, we were taken to a waterside restaurant, and served a delicious buffet lunch, with the waterfall sounds serving as background music for our jungle environment. Since we had departed Buenos Aires very early that morning, after lunch we were taken back to our hotel and had the afternoon to ourselves. My bride chose to relax around our comfortable hotel, while I headed back to the falls for more adventure. I elected to join a small group for a powerful jet boat ride in the river below the falls. It was a thrilling experience for sure! Our boat driver/guide would take us very near, and in a few cases literally under some of the thundering, falling water, only to engage the powerful boat engines to race us back to safety!

That evening in the elegant hotel restaurant, our tour celebrated Earth Day by dining via candlelight, symbolically saving electricity for our planet. It was such a pictures setting, along with delicious food, too, some of it locally produced.

Early the next morning, we flew back to Argentina’s huge capital city, and boarded our cruise vessel. The cruise portion took us around famous Cape Horn, crossing from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, eventually docking in Valparaiso, Chili, and flying back to Our Town from Chili’s capital city, Santiago.

Shortly after this trip, we purchased a very large, framed, professional photograph of Iguazu Falls. It hangs in a prominent location in Our Home in Our Town. Each time I walk by the photograph, I feel like I hear the sound of its water thunder in the jungle far, far away!

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