Boy, this is an easy weekly installment for yours truly to write!

My close friend, Dr. Robert (Bobby) L. Moore, long-time dentist in Our Town, has an absolutely incredible device in his office to treat all sorts of dental issues.  

Dr. Moore has a portable laser machine that simply takes most pain completely away from the terrifying process of being worked on in a dental office. Before I go any further with this present-day miracle, let me regress way, way back to the mid-1950s in Our Town.  

That was the era your humble scribe was growing up, during those gentler and simpler times. Considering those special years of my youth, two important things were going on in my growing-up life: 1) rumor had it there was no fluoride added to our city drinking water to help protect our citizens’ teeth, and, 2) yours truly consumed LOTS of sugary candy and soda pop.  

In that era, there was no such thing as sugar-free anything that was commercially manufactured, and was sweet. The sweet part meant sugar, and lots of it. I, therefore, had a LARGE exposure to sugar! No surprise result for me – many hours in a local dental chair during grades 1-12!  

Wow, those are very unpleasant memories for me, years and years later. Back in those days, the dental drills were extremely slow, and, therefore, when a person had a cavity (and I had MANY) to drill and fill, the process took much more time than I liked. To be totally honest, ANY time was too long, since I was in that painful, dental chair position way too often.  

I remember always wondering if the dentist was going to hit an area that wasn’t fully numb, as I always watched his slow drill go round, and round and round.  For me, the entire process was pure torture.

Jumping forward to 1981 when my bride, Lady Deborah, and I relocated to my hometown from the San Diego area. Of course, our family of five needed to have a local dentist take care of our oral health. We certainly chose an excellent one, Dr. G.A. Razook, and he took care of our family dental care needs for many, many years until he retired from private practice.  

Dr. Razook is such a caring and gentle healthcare provider. He also did his best to calm my pain phobia, when I made my regular visits to his nice office. He and I have always had so much in common, so I have felt we have a strong friendship in addition to his excellent clinical dental skills. All our family missed seeing him as patients when he sold his private practice long ago.

So, now, this story shifts back to Dr. Moore. He and his excellent staff have provided dental care for our family unit for many years, becoming our doctor after Dr. Razook. Dr. Moore’s office folks, office manager/wife, DeAnna, dental hygienist, Holly, and dental assistant, Teresa, have become part of the Breedlove extended family. They all are wonderful people, and are great at what they do professionally in their office.

Dr. Moore has always been on the front edge of new developments in the field of dentistry. Well, he took his professional game to an incredible next level recently when he purchased his office laser machine. During one of my 2019 office visits, he treated five different small cavities in my senior citizen mouth in less than 45 minutes TOTAL time, and COMPLETELY WITHOUT PAIN or ANY anesthesia shots!  

I kept thinking throughout this session, I was just dreaming this was happening without feeling it, but it was no dream, simply reality! Wow. I was SO pleasantly shocked when he was finished working on me that afternoon. More recently. I cracked a crown on one of my upper teeth, and he fully repaired the tooth in about 15 minutes, without pain, without a shot, and with his magic laser. This modern dental device, in his able hands, is beyond excellent from my patient perspective!

If I have seemed joyous over this subject, dear reader, you have gotten the absolute right message. Forever in my mind, I have dreaded patient-sitting in a dental chair. Those fears have mostly faded away now. Thank you sincerely, Our Town’s Dr. Moore!!

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