Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue has received a $5,000 grant from the Lockhart Foundation in Oklahoma City. The grant will be applied toward the Rescue’s “Safe and Sound Adoption Readiness Program” which includes spay/neuter, microchips, vaccines and disease testing. “We are so pleased to be a recipient of Lockhart Foundation support,” said Tiny Paws Director Holly Chapples. “This is a great help in guaranteeing that our kittens are healthy and ready for their forever homes.” Tiny Paws has always maintained a 100% pre-adoption spay/neuter policy. This policy is in place as the Rescue’s responsibility for helping to reduce the feral cat population.

Tiny Paws takes in orphaned bottle-feeding kittens only from the general public and Animal Welfare in Stillwater and its one hundred mile radius, providing all nutritional and medical care. Since 2004, Tiny Paws has rescued and found homes for over 5,800 newborn kittens. Staffed primarily by volunteers, Tiny Paws tends to the kittens an average of four months before they are adopted into screened homes. The Rescue continues to be Oklahoma’s only facility for newborn kitten care.

“We exist through grants and donations,” said Chapples. “This year has been especially difficult because COVID-19 has dramatically reduced our volunteers and financial backing. So, if you live a very protected life so that you can safely give your time or if you can contribute monetarily please contact us. The kittens don’t know there is a pandemic going on. They still need us. Help like the Lockhart Foundation is just awesome.” 

Nursery Coordinator Renee Huddleston said that the kittens are arriving with more critical conditions, filling the Rescue’s ICU area. “A lot of rescues have closed and I think abandoned kittens just aren’t being found as fast because people aren’t getting around as much,” said Huddleston. By the time we get them they are really bad off. We have had a lot more amputations, eye removals and longterm care problems than previous years.”

Tiny Paws is an Oklahoma registered nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible. To find out more about what the Rescue does check out the website or their Facebook page. For more information about volunteering, adopting or donating goods or financially, contact Tiny Paws by phone 405-612-0071 or by email Chapples added, “Be sure to let everyone know about our upcoming DRIVE THRU TAG SALE fundraiser Sunday afternoon, November 1 in the Rescue parking lot. It will be so much fun while raising money for the kittens AND staying COVID safe.”


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