Two SPD officers assaulted in August

Ashlynd Huffman/ Stillwater News Press Two Stillwater Officers were assaulted in seperate incidents in August.

Two Stillwater Police Officers were assaulted in separate incidents in August.

Officer Terry J. Low was dispatched Aug. 14 to the 800 block of W. Hartford in reference to disorderly conduct.

Bradley Wayne Cheatwood, 33, of Stillwater was arrested at this location.

According to the probable cause affidavit, SPD Communications informed the officer the father called regarding his son “acting out.” The father had him pinned to the ground.

The officer entered the residence and observed the reporting party sitting on top of Cheatwood, with both of Cheatwood’s arms pinned above his head.

According to the affidavit, Low assisted with restraining Cheatwood.

“I placed my hand on his right wrist and straddled his right arm with my knee,” Low wrote in the affidavit.

The officer wrote Cheatwood was physically bigger than his father and himself. He also alleged Cheatwood tried to pull away from them.

The reporting party was out of breath and alleged he and Cheatwood had a minor altercation, but didn’t know what set Cheatwood off.

The reporting party said Cheatwood suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder and had previously taken Adderall. He hadn’t taken it recently, the affidavit said.

“Bradley was extremely sweaty and his skin was flushed. Bradley kept screaming that he was ‘God’ and that I was his servant. Bradley appeared to be under the influence of a hallucigen,” Low alleged.

The reporting party told Low that Cheatwood said he could see people who weren’t there, and found him lying on the ground in the backyard.

According to the affidavit, Cheatwood refused to come inside even after the reporting party attempted to get him to come inside.

“I placed a handcuff onto Bradley’s wrist and advised him that I was going to roll him onto his side and get his other hand. Bradley advised me that he was going to hurt me if I were to do that. I advised Bradley that I was placing him into handcuffs for his safety,” Low said.

Low and the reporting party placed Cheatwood into handcuffs and rolled Cheatwood onto his side to help with his breathing.

LifeNet was requested to check on Cheatwood and the possibility of “excited delirium.”

Low was informed that Cheatwood doesn’t abuse alcohol or drugs.

“Bradley kept screaming that he was ‘God’ and ‘Lord.’ His eyes were extremely bloodshot and his pupils were dilated. Bradley’s eyes would roll into to the back of his head at times and then would yell at me to look him in the eyes,” Low alleged in the affidavit.

Cheatwood allegedly smoked marijuana to help him with his ADD.

Stillwater Officers Chance Whiteley and Damian Neiswanger arrived to assist on scene.

Whiteley stayed with the reporting party and Neiswanger assisted Low.

Cheatwood was laying on his side waiting for the ambulance and Low was standing near his feet.

According to the affidavit, Cheatwood picked up his feet and kicked Low in the stomach with both feet.

“I grabbed his feet and fell onto him and Officer Neiswanger got on top of Bradley to gain compliance,” Low alleged in the affidavit.

Cheatwood was informed by officers he had just “picked up the charge of assault and battery on a peace officer.”

Cheatwood was placed into Low’s patrol car and transported to the Stillwater City Jail.

“During the transport, Bradley was mentioning that he had cast a spell on me and that I would die as soon as I got out of my car for arresting him,” Low wrote in the affidavit.

Bond was set in the amount of $5,000 and was posted Aug. 15.

He will be in court Sept. 15 to appear with counsel.


Texas man accused of assaulting Stillwater officer

David Benjamin Mcmahon, 43, of Texas, was charged in Payne County with resisting arrest and assault and battery on a police officer.

Stillwater Officer Byron Goree was dispatched to the 3000 block of W. 19th Street for a domestic in progress.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the reporting party alleged McMahon was intoxicated, and he was throwing and breaking things.

Goree arrived on scene and made contact with the reporting party. She told the officer that McMahon was passed out, but she wanted him gone.

Officer Greg Calloway arrived on scene to assist Goree.

According to the affidavit, McMahon had been visiting the reporting party for six days. He came to visit after losing his job in Colorado.

The reporting party alleged McMahon had been out drinking all night with his friends, and had come to her home upset.

The victim alleged McMahon started throwing food and items around the residence. This was when the reporting party called 911. She also alleged McMahon broke her television after an argument prior to this incident.

“I observed a broken television sitting next to the front door on the ground and several pieces of food debris strewn throughout the apartment,” Goree wrote in the affidavit.

Goree wrote in the affidavit that he observed McMahon laying in the living room on a child-sized mattress. He appeared to be asleep.

“I shook David’s boot with my boot as Officer Calloway announced ‘Stillwater Police, wake up!’ David responded immediately,” Goree alleged.

McMahon told the officer he was awake and had been listening to him. Goree advised the reporting party wanted him to leave the residence.

Goree said McMahon had thick slurred speech and a strong alcoholic odor was coming from his person.

The affidavit said Goree asked the reporting party if she wanted to say McMahon was trespassing, because he refused to leave.

McMahon began to get up and said he was going to leave.

“I allowed David to walk in front of me toward the door to exit the apartment. As David exited the door he backed up into me such that his left side of his shoulder was in the center of my chest,” Goree alleged.

The officer said McMahon exhibited enough force to knock his dash-cam microphone off his patrol shirt and pushed the officer back.

Goree said he grabbed McMahon’s left arm and Calloway grabbed McMahon’s right arm.

The affidavit said Calloway said something along the lines of “now you’re going to jail.”

Goree alleged McMahon tried to “blade his body toward us” in an attempt to be released from the officers.

The officers then took McMahon to the ground and gave commands to stop resisting.

“After a lengthy struggle, Officer Calloway and I were able to control David’s arms enough to place him in handcuffs,” Goree wrote in the affidavit.

The affidavit said McMahon continued to resist while on the ground.

“David was continually grabbing at Officer Calloway’s gear while I tried to conduct a pat search of his pants and shirt,” Goree said.

McMahon was escorted to the patrol vehicle and asked to spread his feet so the officers could perform a search incident to arrest. He refused, and began to twist and turn to impede the officer’s effort.

McMahon was taken to the ground again so the officers could control his movement. Goree controlled the upper torso while Calloway attempted to control the kicking.

Calloway searched McMahon’s pockets and removed his boots. At this time another officer arrived and assisted in escorting McMahon to the patrol car.

McMahon entered into a plea of not guilty and was appointed Sarah Kennedy as his representation.

He will appear on the preliminary docket Sept. 14.

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