Oklahoma State University has still not publicly commented on assault charges filed last week against football player Trey Rucker, outside of telling the News Press on Friday that it was gathering information. 

Gavin Lang, OSU's Associate Athletic Director, declined to comment Monday.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed last week, Rucker, who was charged with assaulting a Stillwater Police Department officer earlier this month, didn’t physically attack the officer, but SPD said physical contact is not required for charges. 

A charge of assault against an officer can be given “if an assault is committed when a person threatens and or makes furtive movements in a manner displaying their intent to commit a battery,” SPD Capt. Kyle Gibbs said.

According to the affidavit, Rucker leaned toward Stillwater Officer Bryan Luginbill several times after being told to back up, which resulted in the assault charge.

Earlier reporting by the News Press said police had been called due to a reported hit-and-run.

Officers located Rucker and began speaking with him. Luginbill described Rucker with red watery eyes and slurred speech. Luginbill said Rucker moved toward him several times, even when he attempted to put space between the two of them.

“Rucker appeared to be under the influence and due to his assault, I took hold of his arm and told him he was under arrest,” Luginbill wrote.

Several other officers were called to assist with arresting Rucker. He was eventually tased by Luginbill after he was accused of continuously pulling away from officers.

Luginbill wrote in the affidavit that Rucker told them he was "OSU football" and yelled to his friends and said “call Dundy.”

He was eventually placed into handcuffs and transported to the SPD jail. Luginbill wrote that Rucker continued to be violent during this exchange.

Rucker refused to complete a state test for intoxication and refused to sign the driver portion of the refusal block for the officer’s affidavit and notice of revocation. The affidavit said Rucker refused to accept the papers.

Rucker was charged additionally with failure to give information at the scene of an accident, operating a vehicle with a suspended license and resisting arrest and DUI.

Rucker has posted bond and has retained Ky Corley as his lawyer. Rucker will appear in court Aug. 2 on the preliminary hearing disposition docket.

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