Two Stillwater officers assess the area near Prime Place Apartments. Offers on scene spoke to witnesses after reports of shots fired went out. 

The Stillwater Police Department has concluded its investigation into the report of shots fired Monday and has released a person that had been in police detention after being apprehended. 

Public Information Officer Kyle Bruce said there wasn't a crime scene, no weapon was found and the person who was detained had no knowledge of the incident. SPD never formally arrested or booked the person. 

"Officers searched the area looking for evidence of a shooting," Bruce said. "The officers did not find a shooting scene, and they did not find a gun in the area."

SPD found no weapon on the person who was apprehended, who was reportedly walking in front of Chase Bank on Knoblock when contacted by law enforcement.

"During the investigation, witnesses provided a possible description of a person acting suspiciously – officers located and detained the individual," Bruce said.

A call to dispatch about a possible gunshot was followed with descriptions of a man leaving an area near Prime Place apartments. SPD on the scene Monday told the News Press that one witness said they saw a man place a gun in his waistband.

“He was obviously detained, because a witness identified somebody that matched him, but to say he is a person of interest, no. He was released shortly after he was detained," Bruce said. 

Due to the nature of the call, Bruce said it's common for officers to draw their weapons for this situation to "air on the side of safety."

Bruce said sometimes what gets reported as a gunshot turns out to be an electrical transformer exploding, but he did not know where the sound originated from Monday's call. 

“I don’t think anybody saw anybody shoot anything or shoot at anyone," Bruce said. "I think they just heard the shooting or the shots fired. So, nobody actually saw somebody shooting." 

Bruce said this case is now closed and there aren't any follow ups.



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