The Stillwater Police Department released dashcam footage and the 911 call regarding the suspected hit-and-run that resulted in the arrest of an Oklahoma State University football player. 

The first 30 seconds of the redacted dashcam video shows the shadows of Trey Rucker being pushed backward by an officer, and Rucker backing away with his hands up saying, "I don't got s*** on me" and the officer telling him to turn around. 

The officer then attempts to grab Rucker's hands as Rucker backs away with his hands up. 

From June 2 in Stillwater, SPD dash cam video shows SPD detaining a man they later identified as Trey Rucker. 

Rucker tells the officer to "go ahead and shoot me" and that he is an "Oklahoma State Player." 

Rucker can be heard asking the officer what he is under arrest for and then two more officers stepping into the frame to assist.

The female officer tells Rucker he is "not under arrest, you're being detained."

The officers and Rucker stepped out of the view of the dashcam, but officers can be heard telling him to get on the ground, and he said, "I'm a football player at Oklahoma State."

Rucker repeats that phrase several times and then asks again what he did wrong. 

The female officer can be heard telling Rucker to put his hands behind his back and then saying, "very good, just like that."

Over the next several minutes Rucker continues to tell the officers he is an OSU football player and asked what he did to be arrested. The officers don't answer.

More officers step into the view of the camera as Rucker says "I'm an Oklahoma State football player and I'm being racially profiled."

He can also be heard saying he doesn't have anything in his car that could cause him to be arrested. 

Rucker does tell some people to call a coach, but the name of the coach is redacted in the dashcam video. According to the probable cause affidavit, police said he was asking for them to call head coach Mike Gundy.

"Call all the coaches, I have nothing on me," he can be heard saying. 

The redacted video goes on for about 20 minutes. Rucker and the officers go out of the view of the camera around the 1:23 mark, and don't come back into view until close to seven minutes. 

Rucker is then seen in handcuffs with one officer on each side and one officer behind him. 

The remainder of the redacted video not shown is SPD officers talking with no audio. 

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