Woodward man arrested in Stillwater for burglary

Mugshot of Preston Kyle Holley.

Preston Kyle Holley, 38, of Woodward, was arrested in connection to a burglary in Stillwater.

On May 15, Stillwater officers were dispatched to 628 S. Burdick St. for a burglary in progress.

According to the probable cause affidavit, SPD communications advised the reporting party was holding Holley at gunpoint, and had already fired a round at him.

Officer Terry Low and Officer Miguel Najera arrived first on scene and approached the residence from the north.

Low observed a white male in grey shorts and a black shirt leaning inside the front window of the residence.

“I had my patrol issued rifle pointed towards the subject. I began giving verbal commands to step away from the house and to put his hands up,” Low said.

According to court documents, the subject yelled back at Officer Low, but he wasn’t able to hear what he was saying. Low noted Holley’s speech was slurred and mumbled and he was having a difficult time standing up. As well as, staggering as he walked towards the officer.

Officer Najera took over commands while Low handcuffed Holley without incident.

“The subject began to yell that I needed to remove the handcuffs at once and that he had broken thumbs,” Low said.

The affidavit said, Holley told the officer he was a judge and ordered the handcuffs to be removed.

Officer Bryan Luginbill, helped Low search Holley and the affidavit said several items were located.

Among the items found was a letter addressed to Allstate Termite and Pest Solutions at 622 S. Burdick St. and two flyers for the same address.

These items were photographed and placed into the mailbox.

Holley was advised he was under arrest for first degree burglary and was escorted to the patrol car.

He will be in court on Tuesday to appear with counsel.

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