An overnight tornado that seemed to literally come out of nowhere put a scare into a whole lot of folks as it touched down not once but twice early Wednesday near Pauls Valley.

No injuries were reported as the late night, early morning storm brought the strong tornado followed by several inches of rain being dumped on the whole region.

Parts of Pauls Valley were flooded for much of Wednesday, while the tornado left plenty of damage after it initially touched down about 5 ½ miles southeast of Pauls Valley just after midnight.

“It was a significant storm with a lot of force,” said David Johnson, Garvin County's emergency management direction.

“It moved big trees and after it passed we had a lot of rain.”

Johnson is quick to add there really wasn't any early indication that serious storm danger might be on the way when a tornado alert was issued at 2 minutes before midnight, which was quickly followed by the tornado touch down.

“The tornado touched down about 1 ½ miles south of 1570,” Johnson said, referring to a county road east of Pauls Valley that's commonly called Longmire Lake Road.

“It actually touched down in two different places.”

The tornado traveled northbound where about a half mile later it touched down again near County Road 3290.

According to Johnson, the path of the twister went on for about a half mile.

“There was extensive damage. There were power lines down, big trees were turned over, a big debris field on the south end,” he said.

“Three big barns were totally destroyed, a lot of sheet metal off buildings were thrown into pastures, big farm equipment on its side.

“No injuries were reported, but one individual had some horses injured that were in a barn.”

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