Students have reached the quarter pole of the 2014-15 school year. The first nine weeks of classes came to an end Wednesday. Classes resume Monday  with the next nine-week block.

For high school seniors, it’s one quarter down and three to go before they walk across the stage at graduation. For 12th-graders, the countdown has already begun for their transition into life after high school.

For many young children, the first quarter of school was their first experience in a classroom setting. Let’s hope they had fun and were inspired to learn.

For teachers, fall break is a chance to catch their breath after a whirlwind nine weeks. Even though school will not be in session, many teachers will use the long weekend to grade papers, record scores, tweak lesson plans and reorganize classrooms.

For much of the maintenance and custodial staff, fall break is a welcome chance to have all-day access to the school. Student-free hallways and classrooms will give staff the opportunity for deep cleaning and other chores.

For school administrators, fall break is a chance to assess the overall progress of their school and devise strategies for even higher achievement.

With school out of session for a few days, and with the weather still warm enough to be outside, motorists need to be aware that there likely will be children outside enjoying their short break from the classroom.

Be alert while driving in neighborhoods and near parks. Children are often more interested in their activities than they are about traffic. How many times have you had to suddenly apply the brakes when a child dashes out between parked cars to retrieve a ball?

Be extra-cautious when backing out of driveways. Double check to make sure there are no children playing nearby.

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